Shepherds pie is something I never had growing up. It wasn’t really what you would call a comfort food for me. I was more of a chicken person in all honesty, but over the past year I have come to really appreciate beef. Yea, yea red meat isn’t good for you, so you shouldn’t eat it. But I’m not buying it. I think when it comes to health everyone is a little bit different. And beef every once in awhile or really once or twice a week is perfect for me!

So on my now almost daily trip to Trader Joe’s I picked some up. Since starting my first whole 30 I have found how important it is to actually switch up your meals, so I guess my whole eggs and potatoes for dinner thing I had going on had to change. And my whole browsing Pinterest a million times a day had to start. But that’s besides the point, just where the idea to make a shepherds pie came about.

After reading through recipes how could I not want to make this! It is the perfect hearty, filling, comfort meal for the winter months. Not that Atlanta is really that cold, at least what I’m used to in Ohio, but hey we have had some chilly weather. But more importantly to know I believe it must rain once a week here, and when it rains all I want is something warm and hearty to eat.


This meal is meaty, and full of veggies. It is a lower carb option, and completely whole 30 compliant. It takes under an hour to prep and make, and makes 4-5 servings making meal prep that much easier. I love recipes like this because the ingredients are totally changeable. So if you don’t have something on hand just switch it out with something else!

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