Whole 30 Meal Plan

What a better week to start a Whole 30, then the week of Valentine’s Day? Kidding… but sometimes you just decide it is the right time to do something, and that is where I was at last week.

I don’t have any food allergies per se, but I do have a long history, almost seven years worth of a finicky stomach.

It all started when I was in High School going to the dermatologist. I went on antibiotics for a couple months. Yes, months. Not realizing how that affects your body then, I paid the price for it later… with my now sensitive stomach.

Every now and again I find myself getting stomachache after stomachache. And when it starts to hurt on a consistent basis I know I’ve been eating foods that don’t agree with me for far too long.

And that is when I decide that it is time to do a Whole 30 again. I don’t use Whole 30 as a diet, or a way to restrict food. I use it as a reset. Kind of like a cleanse but I eat real food.

Whole 30 can be very difficult. You are better off to start away from any kind of packaged food, making meal prep a necessity. Without preparing ahead of time, you have a much higher chance of just calling it not even a week in.

And when hunger strikes and you crave anything with sugar more than you do on your period, well sometimes desperation just comes before will power.

Today I wanted to share my Whole 30 meal plan for week one!

Whole 30 Meal Plan