After moving to Atlanta 3 months ago I had my first visitors this weekend! My sister came down on Tuesday and Randy came down on Friday. I’m not going to lie Friday at work went by so slow because I was so anxious to get home and get the weekend started. 

But my weekend started out at work with a gingerbread making contest, I just had to share my gingerbread! 

After being here for a couple of months I found some of my favorite places and couldn’t wait to share them with Randy and my sister. I got home a little later than normal due to traffic, but then we headed right to Rev Coffee. I have raved about this many times on the blog already, but this is one of my favorite places so far. It is based in an old car garage (get the name Rev Coffee now). They have amazing coffee, lattes, iced coffee, and tea selection. I almost always stick to the light roast coffee of the day, add a splenda and splash of cream. Randy got the peanut butter latte, which I kid you not tasted exactly like liquid peanut butter, so good! And my sister got a vanilla latte which was also good!  

 We hung out at Rev for awhile then ventured on to dinner. I wanted to take them to Orient Express. It is actually a really unique places as well, as it is inside of an old train car. Orient Express also offers a hibaci grill, a sushi bar, and chinese restaurant all in one. I opted for the sushi, while they both got the hibaci grill. Then we headed outside to get some pictures with their christmas decorations outside.   

   After working all day for me and driving to Atlanta for Randy we stayed in on Friday night and watched Christmas movies, one of my favorite ways to spend Friday’s in December.  

  Saturday everyone took their time getting up. We had plans to head down to Piedmont Park for the market and to take Benny to the dog park. Unfortunately we didn’t know about the parade going on in midtown so we didn’t end up at the park till 11. We ended up only spending about an hour their before heading home to get ready for the rest of the day. 

 We both showered and got ready, grabbed a bite to eat, made some smores cookie bars, if you missed the recipe yesterday check it out here and we were off to the Apple Store. I ended up getting the iPhone 6s this weekend and I love it! I got the rose gold color and my case is coming today! After apple we had plans to go to Ikea. I don’t know why but that store seemed to wear everyone out!  

Randy and I had a little date night planned though for Saturday. We started with dinner at Willy’s Mexicana Grill. Willy’s is somewhat of a local place, located in and around the Atlanta area. It is similar to a Chipotle and Moe’s Southwest Grill. It was quick and easy and the food was fantastic (sorry no picture I was starving and forgot). 

After dinner I wanted to start getting into the Christmas spirit, we headed out to Centennial Park for the Christmas lighting they had going on. I will let the pictures speak for themselves!  



Across the street just happened to be the Atlanta Sky View, which we decided to ride. It was so neat and reminded me of riding the London eye.  
 By the time we got home, we had a slice of pumpkin pie, some almond milk hot chocolate and called it a night.

Sunday morning, there isn’t much to say. I made a brunch spread with egg whites, toast, homemade hash browns and waffles, and Randy was off. 

It was such a fun weekend and I was glad to finally get to share my new home with two people who mean so much to me. 

If you missed my giveaway yesterday, check it out here for a chance to win $10 towards your holiday baking!