Hope you all had a great weekend. I spent a good portion of mine reading and watching wedding videos.

Planning a wedding can be confusing, since it is supposed to be one of the most important and treasured events of your life. Yet sometimes you just don’t know what you are supposed to be doing, considering planning your first wedding, well most likely is your first time doing something like that.

To those of you who can afford a wedding planner, I commend you. But to those of you who can’t exactly afford one, like me well I can’t recommend watching wedding videos enough!

The decorations, watching how the different types of ceremonies work, song ideas for the reception, do you want to have a first look or no?

Plus they really get you excited for your own wedding!

Other than taking bubble baths, doing face masks and watching wedding videos, a lot of new recipes were created this weekend.

Friday I was working from home, which meant I was saving 2 hours of my day, meaning there was a lot of time for recipe making!

After Randy got home we went out to the pool for a little bit, then came home and ate a spaghetti squash bake, that was so easy but yet so yummy, I will have to share with you soon. We had a glass of wine and shared the rest of a pint of gelato.

Randy had to work on Saturday so that was our crazy, exciting Friday night.

Saturday I woke up pretty early, worked out, watched half of A Dog’s Purpose with the dogs, cleaned the kitchen and then took the dogs on separate walks.

Randy finally came home, and we headed to the pool until the Savannah storms rolled in.

We had plans to check out Ulta, I wanted to get some new makeup for some pictures we have coming up. I will have to give you guys an update of the products after I try them.

Next up was Smith Brothers, we got some blueberry sausage for a frittata I had planned to make for this week. Fortunately we caught them at a good time and had an impromptu wine tasting.

We had plans to take the dogs for ice cream, but unfortunately it rained most of the evening, so instead we ended up taking them on a walk right before bed.

Sunday morning we planned to go to church, but we had a big meeting for 13 Donuts Bakery. Some things didn’t go right, we both got a little stressed, but it ended up going better than we could have imagined.

We stopped at Foxy Loxy for a matcha latte for me and a horchata latte for Randy.

Next on the list was pool time. We have found relaxing at the pool is such a great way for us to slow down. And sometimes take a nap!

After the pool, we worked on our meals for the week, which I will be sharing an eggplant lasgna with you guys soon!

The weather was so nice today, we were finally able to take the dogs for ice cream so that is just what we did. We headed to La’Berry Frozen Yogurt on Broughton to grab them both some vanilla (dairy free) frozen yogurt.

And here I am, again watching wedding videos, laying in bed relaxing before Monday and a busy week comes around again.