Back in March, Randy and I got engaged on a trip up to Asheville. Since that day we have been some busy people. Today I wanted to share a little wedding update with you guys on the details of our wedding so far.

The most important thing they say for your wedding is booking a venue with a date you both like. When we first got engaged we both were sure that a Saturday was the perfect day for a wedding. Our families are both in Ohio, and a lot of our friends are too. Our venue we thought would be perfect at a park here in Savannah. We envisioned a square to rent out with our ceremony and reception all in the same spot.

But with any planning, it involved learning a thing or two about wedding planning. For example to begin with I thought doing everything myself was the way to go. But as we started trying to pull together details, permits, security guards and figuring out the challenges of that, we quickly changed our mind.

The first venue we came across was The Mackey House. You not only rent a venue, but you rent out a plantation house, including a wrap around porch and an unbelievable outside. We both loved it, but the price was a little high for our budget, that is until we realized having a weekday wedding was the way to go.

A couple days we booked The Mackey Venue for Thursday, October 12th, 2017. Yea, we were both in a little shock it would be happening so soon.

I had a couple points in time where I thought maybe we just needed to enjoy our engagement a little, but then I realized that isn’t us. We decide something and we make it happen, and we make it happen much faster than the average person.

These past few months we have managed to book our DJ and Director or Day of Coordinator, ordered our cake and cupcakes, booked a hair dresser and makeup artist and asked our bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Some weeks are busier than others. But for the most part I think we have only had one point in time where things got a little stressful.

This weekend makes a big one. After some yoga and lunch I am headed off to Ohio for wedding dress shopping! Any advice would be appreciated!