Happy Friday everyone. Today I wanted to share another one of my wedding updates, for my wedding in Savannah.

I think one of the biggest decisions of planning a wedding so far, besides the dress has been deciding on the honeymoon.

It is so common today for people to have their wedding, then a year or two later they go on their “official honeymoon”. In all honestly I never understood that. But now that we are starting to pay for wedding costs, we are starting to understand why.

Planning a wedding is not cheap. And planning a wedding in Savannah, Georgia is not cheap at all.

*Photo Credit Paige Laurel Photography

A thousand here and a thousand there starts to add up. And the total cost of those thousand here and thousand there is definitely a little scary.

I have realized it is so important to remember, THIS IS YOUR WEDDING. You only get to do this once in your life, so don’t skip out on something important to you because of the cost. And don’t skip on something in your wedding because of your honeymoon. Because I have found, you can have your honeymoon whenever you want! Granted you are actually married that is.

Now that I have that rant over with, now for the update. Yes today is all about our “honeymoon”. Well it might not sound too exciting to some, but we decided to wait and do something big next year for our anniversary.

This year we are going…..drum roll…..camping! If you could guess, yea we like to hike. We got engaged in the middle of a hike. So we are going back to where it all began.

The first stop on our trip is Asheville. We are so excited to head back to one of the best weekend of our lives. And we are so excited to head back to the artsy and hipster town of Asheville. And more importantly we are still craving Biscuit Heads gluten free biscuits.

Next on the stop is Red River Gorge in Kentucky. I have never been to Red River Gorge but it is one of Randy’s favorite places. So we decided it was the perfect place to continue our adventure. We are going to be renting a cabin, with a hot tub (because it is our honeymoon).

The best part about this trip is we are going to be taking our dogs, Benny and Riley! Yes I am quite the dog obsessed mom, but these two sweet faces I don’t know how could say no!

It may not seem luxurious, but it just goes to show you don’t have to do something fancy to enjoy each others company. We are thrilled and so so excited to be secluded and just enjoy the wilderness.

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