Well another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. I have always liked the idea of Valentine’s Day, and my husband and I generally somewhat acknowledge it.

This year was our first Valentine’s Day that we celebrated in Savannah. With a Big Bon Pizza popup and live music we couldn’t say no.

We have gone to several Big Bon Pizza popups but I think this one had to be our favorite. It was hosted by Service Brewing, a local Savannah Brewery.

Service Brewing’s story actually began on Valentine’s Day, when Meredith (one of the owners) bought Kevin (the other owner) home brewing supplies. It seemed like such a fitting place to spend Valentine’s Day this year.

Plus we have talked about going to Service Brewing for a long time and just haven’t made it there.

Along with the best gluten free pizza out there, a cherry beer, they also had live music playing during the event.

Randy and I sat outside, talking over business plans and vacations.

With two dogs at home and side businesses we never spend weeknights together like this.

Although Valentine’s Day can be somewhat of a hallmark holiday, making men feel like they need to buy chocolate and flowers, there is nothing good than a reminder to enjoy your spouse any day of the week.

2018 marked our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. We have spent a lot of time wrestling with tough decisions and getting into arguments, and this night was a turning point in our relationship. It is time we start to work together toward our goals and dreams.

Here’s to the first and many more Valentine’s Days with you <3