Happy Monday and thanks for checking out my weekend recap. Lately I have been learning that instead of thinking weekends go way to fast, to treasure the time that I get to spend during days I don’t have to head to work for the majority of my day. I am learning that your mindset in anything can make or break an experience. So even though the weekend did go by fast, I enjoyed every minute of it, from the people to the food to the scenery. Thanks to Katie for the link up to share my weekend adventures with you guys.

Work on Friday flew by. I guess when you are busy working on beginning of the month projects and meetings are included at the end of your day time just flies. I headed home to make some dinner, which I can’t wait to share the recipe for this crockpot rotisserie style pulled chicken with you guys and clean up the apartment some before Randy arrived.

We took Benny on a night walk when he got there, since it was dark out we just walked around mine apartment complex. After a long week at work for both of us and a long drive for Randy, we were in bed before 10. We watched part of episode 1 of Fuller House until my computer died and called it a night.

I got in a good 9 hours of sleep that night and woke up feeling pretty good. We had plans to go to the gym at Snap Fitness together for a leg workout. Saturday was also my first reintroduction day on the Whole 30, so gluten free oats was the first thing on my list to try. After our leg workout we headed home, showered and then ate some lunch before heading out to the Chattahooche Trail Park with Benny. 

 river walking  
We went on a 2 mile walk around the river and well after leg day it took us well over an hour to walk back to the car. 

 randy & ben walking  
Benny got a little muddy on the trail from the rain that week so I ended up giving him a bath when we got home. After Benny’s bath we headed to Rev Coffee, which I am sure is no surprise. It is without a doubt my favorite coffee shop in the Vinings, Smyrna area, and really my favorite coffee shop I have found since moving to Georgia. I got a plantain coconut hot tea and Randy got a White Chocolate Raspberry latte. We wanted to do some work on the computer in some peace and quiet plus the atmosphere here is amazing! 

 rev coffee  
We headed home after hanging out here for about an hour and got ready for dinner. I wanted to get some sushi for my reintroduction phase, and Orient Express is just down the street from where I live so we headed there.

We started with the tuna tartare. It was delicious, the tuna was so fresh, and the quail egg made the dish. We used the sauces on the side to add a little spice. It was the perfect amount of spiciness in my opinion.

 tuna tartare 
“chopped tuna with spicy sauce, green scallions and quail egg”

For dinner I got the Rainbow California Row. I wanted something simple, and something I knew didn’t have any dairy in it. It was perfect, probably because I always get it. I brought some coconut aminos to use in place of soy sauce as well. 

 orient express sushi 
“California Roll covered with slices of Tuna, Yellow Tail, Salmon, White Fish and Avocado”

After dinner, with suggestion from Sometimes, Always, Never blog post on Whitney’s Atlanta Bucket List we headed out to The Yogurt Tap so I could get some almond milk frozen yogurt. I was so excited when I found out the almond milk yogurt flavor was almond butter. It was way better than I even expected too! I topped mine with chia seeds, sea salt, walnuts, strawberries, shredded coconut, blackberries, blueberries and some pineapple. 

 frozen yogurt  
It was the perfect ending to a fun, active and relaxing day. We headed home and watched the last part of the first episode of Fuller House and then dozed off.

Sundays are always sad days when Randy is over, because it means he is heading back to Savannah. But next time I will be heading to see him over St. Patrick’s Day weekend and I am so so excited! 

The rest of my weekend included the usual of laundry, meal prep and a trip to Target to round out the weekend.