As I am planning a styled wedding shoot, looking for the details, place settings, table displays, table runners and more I decided to go thrift shopping in Savannah for the first time.

I am new to thrift shopping, so I am not one of those people that can walk in and out with some cheap treasures. But this weekend I took my try at thrift shopping and ended up coming out with a cheap treasure for something I wasn’t even looking for. But hey that is what thrift shopping is all about right?!

There were so many little thrift shops on the edge of downtown and downtown so I decided to check out what yelp said to choose the store we went to. We had limited time, so I picked the top two and another that was close to home, The Vicar’s Wife (which is actually closing), Two Women and a Warehouse and Victory Antiques.

The Vicar’s Wife, maybe due to them closing, I don’t know but they had some amazing things, but also really expensive things. We didn’t end up buying anything here, but they did have some vintage trucks and suitcases that were just simply amazing. The store was small and disorganized, but I didn’t expect anything less from a thrift shop. They had a lot of little trinkets, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Which unfortunately I wasn’t looking for. They also had a ton of silverware sets, old and vintage. I found a few bronze sets, but because of the price and only needing two sets I decided against them.

The next stop was my favorite, Two Women and a Warehouse. I will say they do have some old stuff but also some newly repurposed things, which I wouldn’t exactly call a thrift shop, but you can find a little bit of everything there. They had tons of mismatched plates, silverware, mugs, bowls. I loved the furniture there as well, and I think when we are living in a more permanent home we might have to make a trip back there. But my favorite thing they had were tons of unique and old vases for flowers. And that is just what I got, a small vase for $5 and we bought a plant on the way home to put in it.

Our final stop was Victory Antiques. It just happened to be on the way home so we thought why not give it a shot. If you are looking for unique tea kettles or china this is the perfect place to go. You might spend a pretty penny for some things, but I think they are more than worth the price. We found so many old cameras, that we can’t wait to go back and pick up. The variety there is pretty awesome, furniture, old clothing, jewelry and some truly expensive antique items.

Although we didn’t end up buying anything for my styled wedding shoot I was more than happy with just exploring and can’t wait to go out and explore more with other thrift shops as time goes on.