So as pretty much all of you know, since I talk about him constantly I became a dog owner in September to my beautiful, quite large now Golden Retriever Puppy Benny (or as many of you know him by Benny Boo Bear). So today I wanted to link up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday to share some things I have learned about owning a dog (and a quite large one at that!).


1. Dog Hair: You think that you seem to shed, your arm is on the counter, in someones food, on your sweater, comes out crazily when you brush your hair, right? Well just wait till you have a long haired dog with white hair. I am telling you it doesn’t matter where I am or even if I use a lint roller, this guys hair is always all over me. I used to try to look presentable and remove it, but I have gotten to the point where I just don’t care anymore, because it is impossible. I will be sitting at work and this guys hair will be on my keyboard, 45 minutes away! Yea I don’t get it either.

photo 2

2. Oh the chewing. So certainly I learned a lesson, when you have a puppy and you leave him out for more than a quick run to the store make sure you remove anything that might even slightly be chewable. This guy chewed the tip of my shoe (luckily I didn’t even like these shoes) but he also was sitting in a pile of my shoes, shredded paper, the remote, and various winter wear that he removed from a basket. We have found he loves anything wood as well, often we catch him with little pieces of it, the crazy thing is we don’t even know where it is coming from! So keep your valuables up, because puppies get bored real fast!

photo 1

3. Cat chasing. Considering getting a dog but already have other pets? Well be prepared for cat chasing central. I was lucky that my cat, Baxter and Benny get along. Bax is a very playful cat and loves playing with Benny, but we have another cat in the house. I kid you not this guy is about 17 or 18 years old, and she is not so found of Benny chasing her. This calls for quite the conflict and with a vocal cat it is not always ideal.


4. Do you want a rather large breed of dog? All I have to say is make sure you are ready for a 60+ puppy still thinking he is a lap dog. This guy still tries to sit on me in the car when I am driving and clearly he no longer fits in the slightest bit. He then proceeds to sleep on top of my legs at night, and nudges his way on top of me anytime he sees fit. I guess he doesn’t realize he is about the size of me now!


5. The Puppy Dog Eyes. Be ready for those puppy dog eyes to come out and make you feel bad any time you leave your house. Heading out for a workout. Going out with friends for a fun night out. Going on a dinner date. Your whole way there you will feel bad for leaving your puppy at home. They get almost this tearing eyed look like you are breaking their heart. It is always my honest excuse as to why I have to head home early now.


6. With all the bad come the good, being greeted by your pal when you walk in the door. They always are so excited and happy, wagging their tails a mile a minute. Jumping up to give you a hug and don’t forget those puppy kisses. I look forward to it every time I come home, and on those not so good days just a greeting from him can brighten my day up!

ray ban

7. A full time blanket. Although a golden retriever is quite big to be laying on a tiny girl like me, he sure does keep me warm. I love it when I lay down at night and have his head in my lap. My cuddle buddy for life!


8. The Loneliness is over! Don’t have a boyfriend or live alone. A dog will cure that. This guy follows me around the house everywhere, yes even in the bathroom. Always there to pick ya up when you’re down!


9. The laughter. He has made me laugh harder than I care to explain. He does the silliest things, with his random burst of energy. To when he walks around with his dog tags in his mouth. He has brought so many good times to not only me but my family as a whole. Couldn’t ask for a better dog.

benny and me

10. And last but not least the love he shows you. It really is true that dogs don’t need anything in return they just love you day and day out regardless of what you look like. They just want to be with you and sit near you. They really are an amazing animal. If you are deciding to get a dog because of the commitment just do it! You won’t even question it once you have it in your house.

That’s all I got for ya today! Head over to the link-up for more Thinking Out Loud!