Thinking Out Loud Thursdays.


Thinking Out Loud


Here I am again with Thinking out loud Thursdays!


1.     How much of a pain is it to do your nails? I know I must have re-did my nails a total of 5 times this weekend. For some reason I just couldn’t get the dang nail polish to stay on. I would be done and they would be dry then next thing I would know they were already chipped! And don’t you just hate it when you paint your nails then realize you drank way too much water beforehand! That’s what I call torture!


Here they are yet already messed up 🙁


2.     Now about this whole weather thing… It is absolute torture! I cannot stand it, if I had the money I would drop everything I had to go somewhere warm! I mean goodness class cancelled three times due to cold temperatures is just outrageous! And not to mention I actually miss running outside like a lot.


Hey it looks like it might actually be looking up, yes I consider 30 degrees looking up!


3.     Speaking of the gym, man oh man can I tell you I have the hardest time with the stair master machine. I can not tell you how many times I tripped on that thing this morning, guess I wasn’t awake enough for it haha. But man those things really give you a workout! I only did 15 minutes and I was sweating something horrible by the time I got done. I highly recommend this machine!



That great/terrible machine! (Source)


4. So I have to say as much as I am loving these snow days, it is becoming increasingly harder to focus on this last semester of school. We have missed so much class already, so now teachers are just jamming us with information to make up time, well I don’t want to jam pack my brain with a million different things on a million different topics its just not working for me! Does anyone else feel the same?



Notice the lack of books or papers and how my tv is constantly on!


5.     So I haven’t gotten my hair cut in probably 6 months! I want to grow it out but I don’t know if I believe in the whole trim your hair and it will grow longer faster, what do you guys think?


hair cut
I have let my bangs get out of control clearly!


6.     And my final thinking out loud Thursday! Well I don’t get the whole drinking thing in college, but instead of make this post way to long I have a special post about that tomorrow 🙂


water bottle
My favorite kind of drink! And yes it is water and yes I drink my water with a straw.


7. Sorry one last thing! I just had to share my breakfast from this morning! It was the bomb dot-com (honestly can’t believe I’m posting that but it really just came out when I was typing this :0 ) I don’t even know what all went into these oats but they turned out amazing! That’s what happens when you just throw some things together, but they were egg white vanilla oats, topped with bananas and raspberries and drizzled with white chocolate peanut butter and cinnamon raisin peanut butter! YUM!


cacaco nibs
Kind of almost forgot to take a picture before I devoured them!


How was your Thursday? Excited for Friday? Excited to watch the Super Bowl?