Happy Friday eve everyone. With the holidays here and Christmas festivities happening I have without a doubt become someone who lives for the weekends. What can I say it happens to the best of us. 

Lately I have had some down time at work, and when work is slow you have lots of time for thinking so I am going to share some random and most likely long thoughts with you today! 

If you haven’t heard of thinking out loud, check out the link up over at Amanda’s site!

  1. Ahh this weekend is on my mind. This week has been pretty crazy… After being in Georgia for 3 months officially tomorrow I am getting my first visitors. My sister arrived on Tuesday and Randy is coming down Friday. I am beyond excited for dinner out on Friday and checking out some holiday lights Saturday.   
  2. Work holiday spirit, this week at work we are having a spirit week. You know kind of like spirit week in high school, when you had a new theme each week to dress up as. Monday was sports day, Tuesday decade day, Wednesday hat day, and today is ugly Christmas sweater and a gingerbread decorating contest which I’m so excited for! Tomorrow is our pj day with some movies going on in the background! So yea my work place is a pretty cool place! 
  3. Speaking of work… Is it just me or does everyone else have a hard time concentrating on work after the Thanksgiving holiday. I miss being in college and having a winter break full of baking, relaxing and sleeping in. But I guess my time will come when I take a vacation!
  4. Christmas time means smores lattes. Just wanted to give you guys a little sneak peak of a new recipe I have coming for ya perfect for the holiday mornings and involving cocoa powder, smores syrup, almond milk and your ever so loved coffee.  
  5. Somehow this girl is done with her Christmas shopping. This year was simple and easy for me, but somehow I am already done with my Christmas shopping and it feels so good!
  6. Netflix addictions are real. Guys I get addicted to Netflix shows so easily anymore! I recently started watching Army Wives before Thanksgiving and I am already on to mid season 2. During our thanksgiving break we also started watching the 100 and I think all of us got very intrigued by it as well. So after some visiting this weekend you will most likely find me watching Netflix nonstop after ! 

Well thats all I got for you guys today. Hope you guys have a great Thursday and welcoming to the weekend! Don’t forget to go check out what is on everyone else’s mind too!