Some of you might think I’m not old enough to really talk about my 20’s. I am only 24 right now, so what could I say about them?

Well I am starting to realize that all the advice we get from our parents, grandparents, and mentors is not always what we need. I realized this as I watched a popular video all over Facebook, that Inside Quest produced. Simply put those in our 20s grew up in a different generation.

Life is different now, the economy is different, the job market is different, and the world is different. I think when we are in college we think, its time to start growing up. But lets be honest, you still don’t pay for anything, you get your food from a dining hall, and yea you may have a job or internship but once you graduate from that position you start to realize how less of a responsibility you had.

I don’t think anything can truly prepare you for that moment that you graduate college, that first job you find, the first apartment lease that you sign and that moment you receive your first loan payment for your college education.

You find that the world is not all fun and games, and that your employer is not always fair, with pay with promotion with treatment in general. Your apartment complex will try to rip you off time and time again. Your loan payments are more money than one of your paychecks.

You find the struggles of growing up. What it feels like to apply for job after job and not find anything. You feel financial burden, trying to somehow make all your bills and be able to save for the future too. You spend your nights cleaning and cooking your own food.

As a person in her early 20’s sometimes I feel like my 30’s will never come. Sometimes I feel like I will never figure out what I’m doing with my life. It gets scary sometimes, when a year goes by and you wonder if some of the decisions you have made, moving away from family, taking one job over another, taking a specific chance was the right decision.

As a person in her early 20’s, I am starting to find the moments of joy in life. Even when I can barely make my bills, and when I wonder if I am in the right place. I have found joy in the people around me. In a great dog that greets me at the door with a smile everyday. When I have someone to hug me when I miss my family, because they truly care for me. In those moments something funny happens and you laugh so hard you cry. When a church sermon is exactly what you needed to hear that day to help with your struggles. When a stranger helps you change your flat tire.

Those moments when you experience pure genuine compassion from another person, those are the moments that matter. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter the circumstances you are in, how promising or unpromising they seem if I have learned anything about life in the past 4 years it has been that the people around you are what matters most.

So if you are struggling with your job, where you are in life right now, think back to a moment you experienced someones genuine compassion for you.