I have to admit I have never been a tabata workout fan. As much as I love saving time, cutting time off my workout has never been appealing to me.

I am one of those rare people who love to workout. I haven’t experienced too many types of workouts I haven’t like. I love sports, growing up playing soccer. I love to run, having run a marathon. I am pretty keen on lifting weights. But for some reason cutting my workout to 20-25 short minutes I didn’t like.

As life has changed, having a more demanding job, taking care of a dog and cooking for two I see why sometimes whether you like it or not cutting some time off your workout is just necessary. And thats when I started to find a love for tabata workouts.

Now this tabata workout, or should I say these are split in two. They are technically two separate workouts, you can do them together, separate, or just as a cardio burst after a lifting workout.

They are full body, with 4 minutes each exercise, 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. This is the perfect workout if you are wanting to keep your heart rate up or if you are wanting a good sweat.

Tabata Workout x2