Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by PrAna.

My future husband and I are getting married in just two days over two weeks. We had been dating two and a half years before we got engaged back in March. Now almost six months later the day we have been planning is about to be here.

Over the past couple weeks, in anticipation I have really been reflecting on our time together. From first meeting at a coffee shop in Columbus, Ohio to both of us moving down to Georgia.

I have come to realize one of our favorite things to do together almost always involves the outdoors. We have enjoyed hiking, kayaking, skiing, walking our dogs near a nature preserve and running all over Columbus, Atlanta and Savannah.

Three years ago, our outdoor adventures all started at Antrim Park in Columbus, Ohio. I had just began marathon training the time we met. Randy would come on my shorter runs with me and he would support me during my long runs by staying home and watching Benny for me. On our short runs we would usually talk and get to know each other better. But what I will never forget is how much his supportiveness showed for me.

Two years ago I went on my first skiing trip with him. Randy always has loved skiing and snowboarding, in fact he has his own skis. We had been in Georgia for almost a year, and he was missing the winter months, so I decided to plan a weekend ski trip to Blowing Rock, North Carolina for us to enjoy some fun in the snow. I wasn’t the most comfortable learning to ski, but I learned to trust him this trip. He made me feel safe learning from him. And he learned how to teach me.

A year ago we went with some friends kayaking in Savannah. We took Benny with us, his first exposure to being on a boat. On this trip we learned how to work together. With kayaking it is all about teamwork, when you are in a two person kayak. We ended up having a blast this trip. We stopped off on Little Tybee to relax a bit, then adventured down some rivers.

And 6 months ago we took a trip to Asheville, North Carolina that changed both of our lives forever. We started on a Friday morning driving to the mountains. We had a bit of a rough drive, then getting lost on the way to a hiking spot that Randy picked out. The hike up was full of emotions as life just wasn’t going as planned. But at the top of the mountain everything changed. We were trying to relax as much as we could on top of the mountain (with Benny growling when people got close to the edge) and Randy got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

The outdoors and nature has always been a huge part of my life. It is so fascinating how awesome nature can be. And that is why I strive to promote and support companies that support the environment and follow stainable practices in their own workplace.

I think companies make a huge impact in the world when their products are made of recycled goods or sustainable materials. Not only with their business practices, but the way they spread the word to other people. One company that comes to mind for me is PrAna.

PrAna not only uses stainable and recycled fabric to make their goods, they also as a company support the environment by giving back to the world, by doing fundraisers for areas with natural disasters to helping the local community clean up beaches in California. In addition to practicing recycling within their headquarters. Check out their video on sustainability here.

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