What a year it has been already. We are seven days into 2018 and I have already caught the flu, taken a sick day from work and had two snow days in Savannah, Georgia. Those are three things I never thought I would type out.

Now I did grow up in Ohio, so freezing rain and snow was something I wasn’t foreign to. In fact my family and I just got back from spending the holiday’s in Ohio, which it rained quite a bit here and there while we were there. We even left the state during a snow storm.

But snow in Savannah, or rather snow in Georgia was something I hadn’t seen. And snow in Savannah was something I hadn’t even heard of. In fact the last record snow was back in 1989, before I was even born. I was sitting in a coffee shop Friday morning listening to people talk about telling their kids the last time it snowed they were kids themselves.

Snow in Savannah 2018

There was something magical about getting snow and walking out onto the marsh to see it, along with the iced over plants around.

For some reason it brought about an excitement I hadn’t felt about snow in years. So we had to document it.

The dogs were loving the snow, especially Benny. He has always loved the snow and gets hyper and excited to run through it, so we took them to the dog park to enjoy it.








Afterwards Randy and I headed out to get some pictures because hey it could be 30 years before the next snow.

So I hope you enjoy the snow covered palm trees and marsh land.