Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. Even though this years Easter was quite a bit different than what I’m used to it was still a fabulous weekend. Moving away from your family has it’s times where it is just down right difficult but this weekend I realized that you just have to start making your own memories when you can’t be with family. And that is exactly what I did. Linking up with Katie for MIMM today to share my weekend with you guys.

Friday I started my weekend a little earlier than normal. I worked a bit earlier and from home so I could head out to Blowing Rock, North Carolina for Randy and I’s rescheduled ski trip from January. I had to board mister Ben Ben this weekend, so I dropped him off Friday afternoon to Smyrna Bark n’ Lounge for some play time this weekend. (For those of you Atlantans if you are looking for a dog boarding place I would highly recommend it! Although he will stay in a kennel at night, over the course of the day they put them in with the day care dogs so they get play time all day long! Plus if you are worried about your dog they have cameras that you can check in on them and see how they are doing!). After that I was off to our hotel. Hitting traffic quite a bit, but that was no surprise I got to the hotel around 8pm. Randy arrived shortly after and we both were exhausted from the day and pretty much just headed to bed.


Saturday morning I got up pretty early to work on some blog posts and then went back to wake Randy up for breakfast. After breakfast we headed to Appalachian Ski Mountain for a day of fun. Last time we skied it was around 16 degrees so I honestly did not have fun, but this time the weather was in the 50’s and stripping my coat insert and eventually my ski pants, so I just had my leggings on happened. I could not have laughed more in one day in quite some time.


From falling getting on the ski lift, to falling into a hole off the mountain it was a fun and funny day. I upgraded from the step of from the bunny hill and even though the snow was quite rough and icy I still had fun and so did Randy.


We skied from around 9:30-3 with a break for lunch. I was exhausted and so was Randy so we left around 3:30.


After picking up my car, since we both met at the hotel we headed to dinner. I wanted to try something new and different so after searching on Yelp I decided on Hickory’s House of Nom Nom. Hickory was about an hour from our hotel, but both a stopping point for us both on the way home, so it was perfect. House of Nom Nom is an asian fusion restaurant, unfortunately they don’t have a website but this is from their Facebook page:

Est. 2015 in Hickory, NC. We serve both American and Asian inspired burgers, wings, fries and refreshments.


I just wanted to start by saying I loved the decor of the restaurant. Although it was small, it was cozy and the saying on the wall sent such a good message. I got a picture of one of my favorites 1 Corinthians 16:14: Let all that you do be done in love. But enough about the decor, and on to the food! I loved everything I got and so did Randy. I started with the thai tea, it was black tea topped with sweetened condensed milk. It was the perfect drink for me, besides the dairy, but I can’t wait to try and recreate this drink at home with coconut milk.


Randy got a guava smoothie with tapioca pearls. He of course let me try his and it was pretty delicious as well. 


For dinner we split a regular fry, I got the pho burger, without the bun, but had one beef patty with bean sprouts, cilantro, jalapenos, topped with hoisin and sriracha.


Randy got the big kahuna, he got it on a pretzel bun and inside had two beef patties, swiss cheese, grilled pineapple, bacon, mayo, caramelized onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and teriyaki sauce.


We both thought the food was fantastic. If we didn’t live 4 hours away we just might head back, but maybe one day! 


After dinner we both parted our ways and headed home. I got home around 9pm and pretty much unpacked and went straight to my bed. 

Sunday morning, Easter morning I had a lazy morning, without Benny here things were a bit weird for me. I spent the morning working on this blog, cleaning up a bit and getting ready for church. I went to a great church service, it was a great way to spend my Easter morning. After church I headed to sprouts to get groceries for the week. Then it was off to pick up Ben. I couldn’t be more excited to get my guy back, and if this is any indication of how hard it is to leave your kids, boy am I in trouble! 

The rest of the day I spent meal prepping for the week, giving Ben a bath and facetiming my during their Easter get together. Moving away from home during holidays is always hard the first time around. Not being able to go to my grandma’s house for Easter dinner this year was quite weird. But I have such a wonderful family that included me in their dinner plans, and an amazing Grandma who even sent me an Easter basket for the holiday occasion. So even though I technically spent Easter alone this year, I know that I will learn to make my own traditions and look forward to the ones that I do get to spend with them. So don’t take those moments for granted. 

Hope you all got to spend time with your families this Easter and for those who didn’t don’t feel alone we are all in this together.