Trying to start things on a positive note this morning as I am back in Atlanta and back to work after a week off of work. Those morning are always rough, but to make it better I wanted to share my vacation week in Savannah with you guys. Linking up with Katie over at Healthy Diva Life for MIMM.

After a trip to Charleston, you can find my Charleston travels from last Monday, we decided to head out to Tybee Island for the afternoon. It was nice to just relax in front of the sun and enjoy the beach for a change instead of rushing back to Atlanta.


We enjoyed a Sushi dinner date at Whole Foods before going grocery shopping at the new Lucky’s Market down here in Savannah.

Benny and I started each morning here at the fountain for a morning run or walk, whatever we were feeling that day. Some days we would run through the city with a Balanced Bites Podcast running in the background. Other days we would walk and I would bring my camera around snapping pictures of all the beautiful sights that Savannah has to offer. We made it a point to get photos of a lot of the squares. And one morning we stopped over at Collin’s Quarter to grab a Matcha Green Tea Latte (my favorites).

Forsyth Park Savannah, Georgia

Forsyth Confederate War Statue Savannah

Chippewa Square Savannah, Ga

Chippewa Square Statue

Monday night Randy and I went bike riding at Skidaway State Park. They had an awesome groupon for $10 you got 2 hours of bike riding. We took advantage of this on the one day that didn’t have a chance of rain. Here was one of the views, it was breath taking. And so fun to explore the nature side of things that Savannah had to offer.


After a groupon fail to get my haircut I decided to head out and get my nails down for some pampering at Posh Nails. I loved the green summery color, and somehow I ended up getting them down for free, vacation luck I guess.

Wednesday for lunch I met Randy up at Sapporo Japanese Restaurant for some all you can eat sushi. It was Randy’s birthday and this was his choice. It is located in Pooler, Ga about 30 minutes from Savannah. If you are in the area looking for sushi you just can’t beat the prices, it was only $12.99 for all you can eat sushi for lunch. I got just one roll and got the Dragon Roll, which had crab and cucumber then topped with eel, avocado, and eel sauce. 

Although we enjoyed our meals out, we also enjoyed some meals at home too. One night we made these Sweet and Spicy Paleo Chicken Fingers from The Endless Meal with some Banza Pasta and it was such an incredible meal. 

Paleo Sweet and Spicy Chicken Tenders

Another meal we had was mashed potatoes made with coconut oil and cashew milk, along side some steamed carrots and steak we baked in a NuWave oven.

This past weekend we ended up helping a friend out with moving on Saturday morning. After we had a quick shrimp and scallop lunch with a much needed Matcha Latte. 

Matcha Green Tea Latte

After a quick lunch we made a trip out to the Savannah Bee Company. They have an awesome tasting bar and so many delicious products. I also ended up getting a bottle of lemongrass and spearmint lotion, lets hope this can keep the bugs away!

We had dinner plans but had some time to kill so we went to the Colonial Park Cemetery. I will let the pictures speak for themselves but it is the burial place of Major General Nathanael Greene and Button Gwinnett.

Colonial Park Sign

Cemetery Wall

Colonial Park Cemetery

I had heard that The Vault Kitchen and Bar was the new place to eat in Savannah, so we headed there after checking out the cemetery. The decor of the restaurant is something I would love my house to be. I didn’t get a picture but the restroom floor was made of nickels and I thought it was so neat. But let me get to the food. For an appetizer we started with the grilled calamari. It came with the most delicious chili sauce. 

For my meal I got the Miso Salmon, it came with asparagus tips and sticky rice. Randy got the Grilled Tiger, which was grilled steak tips with a side salad. Both meals we thought were delicious, but for the portion side we were a little disappointed in the price. All around it was delicious, but with so many restaurants we don’t know when we will be back.

After dinner we headed to leopold’s ice cream. I do have quite the dairy problem, so I took some lactose pill. I didn’t get a picture because it was so hot the ice cream was melting quickly but if you are in Savannah, you have to stop in! But be prepared for a line out the door and down the street.

We were in a rush afterwards because we wanted to take Benny to the beach during my trip. I know that this is probably disappointing but since it was his first time to the ocean I didn’t take my phone to snap any pictures. Benny was so scared of the water we had to carry him in. The waves ended up being pretty big so we didn’t stay long but it was a blast. And even though water wasn’t his thing he loved the sand.

We ended up getting home around 10pm, since Tybee is not a dog friendly beach we headed up to Hilton Head (dogs are allowed after 5pm on a lease). I gave him a bath and we headed to bed.

Sunday morning Ben and I let Randy sleep in and went out on a little 2 mile run. The rest of the morning was spent with our last breakfast of waffles and bacon before the Whole 30 and writing out this post before Church.

After church we headed to Jalapeno’s Mexican Grill on White Marsh for some mexican food. I got the chicken fajitas, that came with rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream. Randy got the Molcajete, which was grilled steak, chicken and shrimp with special sauce and oaxtca cheese.

Once we got home Randy meal prepped for me while I worked on some blogging things before I headed home for the day. It was one of the most fun and relaxing vacations I’ve had in years and I can’t wait for another vacation in October.