I always thought that living in the South was my dream. In fact, I had visited Savannah, Georgia twice throughout my childhood, once for YMCA gymnastics nationals and once as part of a Girl Scout trip.

I remember visiting downtown and falling in love with the oak trees. It seemed like such a magical place for a visitor from Ohio.

The weather was perfect, always warm and mostly sunny. There were beaches all around, including Tybee and Hilton Head. Florida and Disney were only a few hours away.

The historic feel of the city was exciting. Walking on the cobble stones on River Street and touring the Cathedral, it seemed like a place you could always find something to do, unlike the small Ohio town I grew up in.

I was sad to leave, and not just because that meant vacation was over, but because I had to go back to a typical suburb of Columbus essentially.

The third time I visiting Savannah I came to help Randy look for an apartment. I remember riding in the car exploring the neighborhoods thinking the oak trees were just as beautiful as my first time here.

Downtown was just as lively as before, and I noticed the artsy and laid back vibe this time.

Once it was time for me to now head back to Atlanta, my new home, I once again was sad. I longed for the quiet nights and laid back days Savannah offered.

I spent weekends upon weekends in Savannah over the next year. Until a weekend became a permanent stay.

From that point on, I noticed a change in my feeling of the city of Savannah.

I no longer noticed the beautiful oak trees, but rather the traffic down the streets they lined due to tourist and tour buses.

I no longer noticed the beaches around me, but rather the amount of time it took to find a parking spot and a secluded spot on the beach.

I no longer noticed the history of the city, but rather the crime that plagued the cobble stone streets.

Over the past year, I have struggled with living in Savannah. But over the last year I have focused on making the best of this still beautiful and historic city.

So today I wanted to share some of my favorite places in Savannah, and the best times to take a visit to them.


Forsyth Park: This is one of the most popular places you can visit. Forsyth Park is really what I would describe the beginning of downtown Savannah. My favorite part is how lively the park becomes on a Saturday morning. You can expect runners, walkers, dog walkers and more. The best day to come is on a Saturday, where you can find Forsyth Farmers Market from 9-1.

Collin’s Quarter: I have mentioned Collin’s Quarter so many times you could think I work there, but this place is the best place to grab breakfast or brunch at. I love their menu items, but the best part just about everything can be prepared gluten free. Not to mention it is rare you can get a delicious full breakfast and a coffee shop quality coffee beverage in the same place. The best time to go for a weekend brunch is actually early in the morning. I love date mornings with my husband, where there is no line, making it feel just a little more intimate.

Wormsloe: The first time we drove up to Wormsloe, the scenic view was the definition of Lowcountry. If you are looking to get outside and enjoy the weather, Wormsloe is perfect. Just inside the gates is enough reason to at least swing by. Once inside you will find ruins and a spectacular view of the Marsh. And it is dog friendly so perfect reason to take your pets with you. We have gone here for many different reasons, so I think anytime as long as you give yourself at least 2 hours to explore before they close is a great time to go.

Whitemarsh Island Nature Preserve: I just recently wrote a post all about what Whitemarsh Island Nature Preserve has to offer. Check it out here.