There are those things in life that we do just because we love our husband. And cars and coffee is just that.

My husband has always loved cars. His love of cars goes from the mechanical side of things, all the way to the style looks and photos of them. He recently took an interest in car photography.

The Savannah cars and coffee was his first outing practicing with the photography. So this weekend we got up early Saturday morning had our coffee and drove out to Coffee Deli, in midtown to check it out.

It was an unusually cold morning in Savannah, temperatures were only in the upper 30’s. So coffee was so necessary.

From here I will let my husband take it away on what he looked for and the amazing cars that showed up (because I wouldn’t know any better).

Hey y’all Randy here. As Hilary was saying I have loved cars my whole life, it all started with my dad when I was a kid. I would always want to be out in the garage with him working and learning about cars. He taught me the ins and outs of everything there was to know about cars. My dad is one of those rare people who can literally fix anything and never strayed away from a challenge. I owe a lot of my drive and determination to him.

Growing up my dad had an old muscle car, I used to dream of the days I would be old enough to drive it. And wouldn’t you know it when I graduated college he gave that muscle car to me. It is something I will cherish my entire life. There is something about old muscle cars that just make you feel like a kid again. Every time i see them i get a big goofy grin on my face. Any way all of the car shows and countless hours I spent with my father working on cars I have developed a deep appreciation for anything with an engine.

Now on to the good part, this weekends cars and coffee event was great! There were cars from all kinds of eras. We have the classic Americana muscle cars like this Dodge Dart.

What I’ve always loved about a great car photo is the angle. Taking an old muscle car and shooting it from a cool angle makes it seem larger than life and invokes the persona of a ‘muscle’car.

Now to shift gears (see what I did there) we can jump across the pond to a Britain where we have one of the beloved sports cars from the 50’s and 60’s the Austin Healey 3000. This is a pristine example and I couldn’t help but capture its cool quirkiness.

Finally when looking at car photography you always want to capture the unique little details that really gives the car its personality. There is not a better example than this crazy cool wire mesh headlight protector found on this first gen C1 Corvette.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more automotive goodness…..