Happy Saturday guys! I have been one busy bee since moving to Savannah. From all the moving to Hurricane Matthew and a trip to Ohio to just last weekend getting a free bib to randomly run the Savannah Rock n Roll half marathon I have barely had time to sit down. So I wanted to update you guys on my recent savannah adventures.

Back in September, right before starting my first week of my new job, Randy and I took a week off to take a little vacation. After moving in the beginning of the week, we took a day trip out to Jekyll Island.

Although I am not sure what it looks like now that Hurricane Matthew came through, it was a sight you do not want to miss if you have the opportunity to see.

Our first stop on Jekyll Island was driftwood beach. A short walk from the road out to the beach you find such a unique, ancient driftwood monuments line up the beach. The beach is 100% pet friendly, so if you are like me and try to take your dog everywhere then this is the place for you.

Later that week we went off to Tybee Island to catch the sunset as the ending to our vacation. Randy got a motorcycle a couple months ago and while the temperatures were still warm enough to get me to ride we rode it down the short drive to the boat dock and saw this beautiful view.

apple pie

Shortly after vacation, we ended up heading off to Ohio due to the hurricane. We first went to Newark, to visit my family. Then we headed off to Cincinnati to see Randy’s parents. I got to go apple picking and apple pie baking, you can get the recipe for this guy here.

The last couple weeks after we got back from Ohio has been a blur. We have had some busy weekends and some laid back weekends. We have spent many days at Foxy Loxy, between the almond milk lattes, cappuccinos, apple cider and wine nights it is easily becoming one of my favorite places.
We tried out the meal service fresh to order. It really does make life a lot easier having your groceries sent to you, and having instructions in front of you to follow to make a delicious meal. Our favorite was the fish and chips with a garlic aioli.
For Halloween we took Benny out to a Savannah event called Wag-O-Ween. Wag-O-Ween is tricker treating for dogs, but it is a fundraiser for animal rescue. We dressed Benny up as Superman, and you can find the video here.
I found a new favorite juice bar in Savannah called Beetnix. They have the best creamed almond butter out there. Randy and I have been splitting the warrior one bowl, that has acai blended with banana and strawberry and topped with Beetnix raw almond butter, hemp granola, banana, strawberry, cacao nibs and a drizzle of honey. That hemp granola is one of my favorites out there.
This past weekend I got the opportunity to use a bib of someone who got injured and ran the Savannah half marathon. I ran a 1:51 half marathon with only one long run and not much training at all, so to say I was impressed with myself is an understatement. Now that is not to say this weekend I haven’t been wiped out, but I truly had the time of my life.
This morning I am sitting back in Atlanta, where this Georgia adventure all started. Life is crazy how it flies by. Life is crazy how it falls into place. But I have to say sitting here this morning hanging out with Benny and Raja drinking a cup of coffee before everyone else wakes up, life is good.