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Back in 2014 I bought my first car, and a brand new one at that. It was a 2014 Ford Fiesta, with automatic windows and door locks, heated seats and a phone sync system. I was just graduating college at the time, and was very unprepared for buying my first car.

I didn’t have a full time job throughout college, and made a little above minimum wage at my part time internship. Since I lived in the college dorms most of college I did have a couple thousand saved up to put down on the car.

Luckily my Grandpa was a regular buyer at a local car dealership, so I ended up getting a good deal and a decently cheap monthly car payment.

For the past 3 years this car has gotten me where I needed to go. I moved to Atlanta in it, and then moved again to Savannah in it. I can’t complain.

Although it has been a good car for the most part, it also has it’s issues like any car. With transmission issues, it has gone to the shop for a recall, and the same problems still exist.

Now that wedding planning is almost completed, we are playing with the idea of buying a new car.

I have always wanted an SUV, and being 24, getting married in a month and a half, with two large dogs, and knowing that kids will be coming in a few 4-5 years finding a reliable SUV to fit the whole family is the most important thing.

I’m sure it always has been, but it is especially true now that you have to do your research to buy a car in 2017. People get ripped off everyday, whether buying directly from a person or a dealership with pricing and quality of the vehicle.

Lately we have really been researching not only the prices, but the specs of the cars as well. There are so many features on vehicles now that some of the safety features can be a make or break it.

A reliable source we love using for research is Here is an example of how easy this source makes it:

After finding a car you want to research you begin by searching for the type of car, whether new, used or certified used within the area you are wanting to drive.

The car preview will give you not only photos but a video to be able to actually visualize not only the outside but also the inside.

Our favorite part of this website is the resources that come with it. You can find price comparison, estimated payment tool (which is so important to understand the logistics) and a link to the CARFAX report.

As we continue our journey on my next car, we love having to make our research easy all in one website.