Isn’t it crazy how much music can take us back to a place in our past? Just one listen to a song and all the memories come rushing back.  If you can guess, which I’m sure you can this happened to me last night on my drive back up to school. The radio was boring me so I decided to switch over to a CD. I haven’t listened to a CD in forever! Well my old favorite Taylor Swift happened to be in! I was loving jamming out to her, then the song came on… The Last Kiss. I must have listened to this song a million times after my last serious relationship ended and it brought me back to that time. Not necessarily the sad, depressed feeling I had after the relationship ended but just that time frame in general. Now before I get to into this post I want to make it clear no this isn’t going to be a post about my relationship or how I miss it, or really anything about it, it has to do with me. Who I was as a person. What I cared about. What I liked to do. This song made me reflect on how different of a person I am inside and out. Back when I was in that relationship I was a sophomore in college, still a student athlete and quite honestly I was so consumed by soccer, and this relationship I really didn’t care a whole lot about myself. I didn’t care about my health. I didn’t care about nutrition. The only reason I worked out was because I had to for soccer. I didn’t enter the gym on the weekends. I just plain didn’t put any time into myself. I put most my free time into hanging out with my boyfriend and somewhat neglected other of my friends. I was I hate to say it but one of those girls who took my boyfriend everywhere. For lack of better words I became dependent. I also was so dependent that I wanted to finish school as fast as possible. I wanted to be done right now and I was spending all my time, instead of figuring out what I would even do with this Marketing degree but trying to figure out how to just graduate a year early. Did I think about the future me? Not really. I was living life in the present and that particular day was the only thing that mattered.

before and after


Once the relationship ended I eventually saw that I was becoming the girl that I hated. I didn’t want to be dependent on anyone. Yea I want to get married one day and find the love of my life, but I am in no hurry. And if I don’t well I just must not have been meant to. I wanted to live my life being the best person I could be, and I wanted to figure that out before bringing someone else into the equation. I finally saw that I needed to work on myself. That is when I began eating right and running. And of course like every active girl out there running led me to start lifting weights, for the benefits it came with. After I was exercising so much I realized with my change of diet I was not eating nearly enough and that is when I began researching nutrition and finding out what my body needed. After so much time researching this and figuring out what my body needed I finally realized that I wanted to help others do the same. I wanted to make sure my family was trying to be healthy. I wanted to help my friends. I wanted to help random people that asked me. Which as you can see eventually turned into this blog. Now I get the opportunity to inspire people. And spending a night writing a post to inspire maybe one person who comes across it is a heck of a lot more important than spending every minute of free time with my boyfriend. I now think about the future. I spend time applying more jobs and graduate programs. I got an internship. Yea I may not know where I am headed right this second today but today I know is just a part of a journey I am on, called my life. And every decision I make contributed to not only that but the kind of person I get to become.


Don’t be afraid to look back on a hard time you were having and reflect on where you are today. You might just surprise yourself and even though you may be going through a rough patch, stopped exercising, got a bad grade on a test, or have just plain been lazy everyday is a chance to turn it around.


Pizza Spaghetti Pie (got this recipe from Paleo OMG)

spaghetti pie