I don’t do weekend recaps too too often, but this weekend deserved one. With two dogs, a busy work schedule, blogging, owning an online donut company and planning a wedding, weekends are often busy.

There aren’t too many times Randy and I get to sit back and relax. But this weekend I was reminded how important unplugging is.

The weekend started off with our first boat ride since living in Savannah. Randy’s coworker invited us to join them on a little boat ride from the harbour on Whitemarsh to Daufuskie Island.

We took off around 5:30, enjoying some wine, the weather and getting some sun. It was the perfect evening to relax and unwind. Coming off of a stressful weekend back to Ohio, I think it was exactly what Randy and I needed.

We got to Daufuskie before 7, stepped off the boat to use the restroom and play a couple rounds of corn hole. Then it was back home.

Saturday morning I headed out to a meeting in the morning to talk some things over with a catering company. It was nice to meet someone new, and learn a little more about the catering industry, especially as a Savannah bride.

The rest of Saturday included grocery shopping, a workout and enjoying some downtime on the couch watching my latest obsession Heartland.

Sunday, Randy and I went to church in the morning then took some time to hang out at Coffee Deli. We both got iced coffees. \

Afterwards we headed home and I made some lunch. After lunch I made a couple recipes, these raspberry yogurt cups and watermelon lemonade popsicles that I can’t wait to share with you guys later this week.

We headed to the pool to relax some more in the afternoon after I popped my recipes in the freezer.

After getting some sun I gave the dogs a quick long overdue bath, then took a shower myself.

I spent the afternoon meal prepping, chili lime shrimp, roasted broccoli, chocolate chip protein banana bread and taking photos of my new recipes.

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out on the couch with the dogs, some netflix watching and making a steak salad for dinner.

This weekend was a huge reminder for me. Although we have dreams and desires, sometimes it is important to slow down.

Randy and I have had a rough couple of months, issues for another time, but we haven’t sat back to enjoy this time of being engaged.

We haven’t slowed down to appreciate each other. To grow together. Learn together. And most importantly have fun together.

Before we got our second dog Riley, Randy and I spent every Friday afternoon trying out new coffee shops and taking a walk downtown together. We talked about our weeks, our frustrations, our happiness. But after we got Riley, we went through a stressful week.

Riley had 2 kinds of worms. He had to go to the bathroom at least once or twice a night. We came home to messes we had to clean up. And waking up at 12am, 2am, 3am to take him out. We went a week without sleep before he got better. He wasn’t trained to walk on a leash. He didn’t listen to us.

And then a week later, Randy went out of town for work. And for some reason when he got back we never got back to making time for each other, or rather time to relax in general.

This weekend was a wake up call. And it felt so good to unwind, relax and spend time together experiencing new things.

Don’t take your time with your loved ones for granted.