Lately blogging as taken a back burner in my life. At one point this past month I got upset about this. I was disappointed in myself for losing my voice as a blogger, but more important as myself.

I think everything happens for a reason and experiences whether good or bad do as well. This past September brought me back to an experience that ended up changing my life in college.

But things are different now, and life is different.

I have been at a loss for words lately when I sit down to write. I moved to a new city, got a new job and life has changed some for the better and some for the worse just like any situation.

Over the holiday, I was able to step back from my day to day life and go back to where my life really started. I wanted to start thinking about the future goals I have in mind, but nothing really happened, I couldn’t formulate anything for next year, all I kept thinking of was the past.

I needed to reflect on this past year, in a way to make myself see a progression in me as a person, in my career, as a girlfriend, a friend a dog mom. I would be lying if I didn’t think I have questioned my actions, but that is why reflecting is good. Thinking of this past year compared to the year before really makes you see that yea you may not be where you want to be, but you are getting there slowly, you are achieving goals one by one, they just can’t happen all at once and that’s ok.

So here is a reflection of this past years goals that I accomplished and as I reflect I start to understand what I want my goals to be for 2017.

  • I moved to Savannah. Having a long distance relationship is hard, but living in a big city that you despise is even worse. I lived in Atlanta for a little over a year, and I realized something through this experience, big city living without public transportation is not for me. This year I worked hard from April to September to find a new job, and not just any job but one that would help me learn and grow in a career path. In September of 2016 I turned a contracting job into a full time position.

Reflecting on the year

  • Quit my job in Atlanta. Although this accomplishment goes hand in hand with moving, I got a new job starting October 2016. I realized in my career that I was not progressing. I stopped learning and I stop expanding my knowledge. When I realized this I knew it was time for me to move on to something else.
  • Start my bakery business. Although this is just in the beginning stages, I can finally say I have a clear path, idea and plan on starting my bakery business. I have started really working on getting it started and I am excited for what 2017 will bring as a result.

banana blondies

  • Spend Christmas with my family. This may seem insignificant, but this year I got to go to back to Ohio and spend Christmas with my family. This was something that seemed unreachable last year. Working on Christmas Eve was disappointing, and although I had to work over the holiday I have to say just being able to sit down at dinner with my family was far beyond worth the 10 hour drive.


When I sit back and look at these goals, they were not my original goals to begin with at the end of 2015. But I am learning that goals change over time and that is ok.

This year was about learning, learning about myself, what is important to me, what I want in life and where I want to be in the next year or five years.

Here is to 2016 and onto 2017 where I want to find what I am good at, and my goals will reflect where I want to be as a result.