After running my first and only marathon I started to understand why sometimes counting macronutrients is not such a bad idea.

I think counting macros can have somewhat of a bad rap. I understand that it can really bring back unhealthy habits for people who have experienced eating disorders or disordered eating, but I don’t think that counting macros can lead to that.

Before I go on, this is 100% based on MY personal opinion. But I think counting macros can be a great thing complimented with an exercise routine. I have learned that sometimes just simply eating healthy when you have a specific goal in mind, whether that be to decrease body weight, increase muscle or to just have goals to be able to lift heavier (granted these being measurable goals) is just not enough.

Our bodies need particular macronutrients to function properly. So you can only imagine how important this is when it comes to losing body fat or increasing muscle. If you are not used to exercising one, two or even six days a week, macronutrient counting is also a great way to really help you find what you need to eat to maintain that level of exercise.

I will admit I have done macro counting in the past. Yes I did see results to my goal as well. I had the same thoughts after the first time I counted macros, is this restricting? is this a bad eating habit? is this something that is even maintainable for the future?

And you know what I still question that sometimes, but what I have realized is that I never once felt restricted by counting macros, I didn’t come out with a bad eating habit, and I know that something like this is not maintainable forever.

What I did realize is that it’s not for everyone. Not everyone has the desire or need for trying it. What it can be though is an end to frustration. An end from under eating. It is a way to help you measure results and achieve them. And a way to show you how eating the right amount of macros can increase your energy, help you sleep better, help eat healthy and be more conscious on what your portion sizes should look like.

If you are interested or would like to know more of my personal experience I would love to talk about it.