This quinoa salmon bowl is the perfect substitute for your sushi bowl craving. Not to mention the health benefits from bone broth, quinoa and salmon all in one bowl.

Looking back it is so interesting how our taste buds change over time. Growing up you couldn’t pay me to eat sushi. It wasn’t that I was a picky eater. I would pretty much try anything. Anything but raw meat or seafood was not one of those things.


I remember the first time I had sushi. Back in my senior year of high school. I was going out to dinner with a group of friends before prom and a friend of mine encouraged us all to try it. I was skeptical, but nothing like a little peer pressure to get to you step out of your comfort zone.

It was shocking how much I loved it. The first roll I got, I have to admit is still one of my favorites, a California roll. There is just something about the flavor combinations with fresh ginger on top that make me wanting more. From the crunchiness of the cucumber to the creaminess of the avocado.

Once I tried sushi for the first time I was hooked. You just can’t beat freshly made sushi rolls. But one bad thing about sushi is how expensive it can be. And when you crave it on the weekends that can add up.

For awhile I didn’t want to take the time to learn how to roll the sushi rolls, so occasionally I would just treat myself. Then the craze of the poke bowls and the deconstructed sushi bowls (I mean there are even sushi burritos now), and being the recipe tester I am I decided to make my own.

The first sushi bowl I made was during a Whole 30, it had cauliflower rice in place of sushi rice, sushi grade salmon, chopped scallions, fresh grated ginger and coconut aminos drizzled on top. Over time I started making them more and more often.

I am always on the hunt to find ways to make my meals more nutritious and nutrient dense. This particular bowl I used quinoa that was cooked in bone broth as a base. Sushi grade salmon as the protein, but this also tastes delicious with any kind of smoked salmon you can find, as I know it is much more cost efficient. I have enjoyed adding some extra veggies, so broccoli roasted in the oven was the perfect addition. Sliced avocado and freshly grated ginger was the perfect way to finish off this dish. A couple drops of coconut aminos gives this meal just a little flavor. But most importantly it is a great way to eat what you’re craving without completely wrecking your bank account.



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Quinoa Salmon Bowl
Recipe Notes

In a sauce pan, add the quinoa and bone broth, boil then cover and simmer on low. While quinoa is cooking, slide avocado, and cook broccoli. Once broccoli and quinoa is cooked, begin assembling your bowl. Place half of the cooked quinoa in a bowl, layer your sliced salmon, then broccoli. Season with salt, pepper and grated ginger. Drizzle some coconut aminos and enjoy!

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