Protein Buckeyes

This protein powder recipe round up is a compilation of sweet treats made possible with protein powder. So quit being a bro and grabbing a protein shake, try one of these recipes instead.

Lately I have been diving into groups, trying to help people live healthy and balanced lifestyles. One thing that people always ask is how do I up my protein? Or how do I lower my carbs? How do I eat things I want to eat without going way off track of my goals? 

Protein powder has always been my answer. There are so many things you can do with it, make a smoothie out of it, make a mug cake, cookies, energy bites, loaf of bread, brownies, and so much more. I just shared a recipe today for baked protein packed breakfast bread in fact.

These recipes are some of my favorites, even though they contained a processed protein, sometimes you can only have so many eggs, chicken, beef, tofu, turkey, you get the picture before you would almost rather just not eat.

I have really enjoyed testing the waters with protein powder and what it can do. Don’t get me wrong it’s not always easy. Sometimes you end up with a card board like substance, but sometimes you end up with a product that really does a great job of replicating the real thing.

So next time you are asking how can I add some more protein in my everyday life. Try out incorporating some protein in your everyday food!

Strength and Sunshine’s Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie:

Protein Powder Round Up

A Traveling Life’s Blender Cinnamon Roll Donuts:

Protein Powder Recipe Round Up

A Fit Philosophy’s Double Chocolate Protein Squares

Protein Powder Recipe Round Up

My Protein Buckeyes:


Party In My Pant’s Post-Workout Protein Parfait:

Protein Powder Recipe Round Up

Joy Food Sunshine’s Berry Protein Smoothie

Protein Powder Recipe Roundup

Healthy Helper Blog’s Chocolate Tamarind Cookie Dough Bites:

Protein Powder Recipe Round Up

Rachlmansfield’s Mini Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Cups:

Protein Powder Recipe Round up

Eat The Gain’s Key Lime Pie Protein Overnight Oats:

Protein Powder Recipe Round Up