This time last year I went through a horrible phase of hating the taste of chicken. Have you ever taken a bite of chicken and just thought this has too strong of a chicken taste? I know it sounds funny, but I know some of you can relate.

There was just something about the texture that turned me off. It was chewy and rubbery. I spent weeks trying to eat it until I just gave up. The only way I would eat chicken was as chicken fingers.

This worked for a while, but making almond crushed chicken fingers takes up much more time than I like to spend on meal prep on a Sunday.

I finally discovered making chicken in the pressure cooker. There is nothing like slow cooked pulled apart chicken that only takes an hour of time to prep, and cook.

This past week I was preparing for food in advance, due to our traveling this weekend and decided on a pressure cooker shredded adobo chicken.

It only takes three ingredients, a pressure cooker and one hour of time cooking. To make this shredded adobo chicken all you need is chicken, adobo spices and chicken broth.

I have come to live cooking chicken with chicken broth, it not only keeps the chicken moist but also helps give it more flavor.

We love this chicken with rice and veggies or if you are on whole 30 try cauliflower rice and veggies. Nothing beats a quick and easy, even overnight dinner.

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Pressure Cooker Shredded Adobo Chicken
  1. In a pressure cooker add chicken broth. Next add your chicken breasts. Pour seasoning on top. Stir around the seasoning so it is on all of the chicken. Cook in pressure cooker for poultry, medium. Once cooked shred chicken with a fork.
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