Growing up I always had small animals. My first pet was a cat. My second, third, fourth and fifth were hamsters. After that I had a ferret. After 22 years of having small animals, I finally decided to upgrade. Little did I know what I was getting myself into and the responsibilities that come with it. This post is all about owning a dog bigger than me.

As a 5 foot tall, 105 pound female, having a 85 pound golden retriever can have its challenges. Squirrels have become my worst nightmare. A close second are birds. I learned the bigger the dog the bigger the shoes that are chewed, my sisters rain boot for instance.

Having a golden retriever made me realize how little dogs are able to judge their size, which is why my dog still thinks he is a lap dog. There have been many nights of waking up to find myself cornered in a small space.

My feet have been scrapped, bruised and cut to many times to count from being stepped on my big foot. I have been knocked to the ground before when a cat was walking around. Squirrels have become my worst nightmares on our walks.

So yea having a big dog has its downsides, but everything with a downside has its upsides.

Even with the random sprints from animals he is the best running/walking buddy a girl could ask for. He may eat shoes from time to time, but he is a great clean up crew.

Although he has a tendency to sit on my lap, he is one big giant teddy bear. He can sense when somethings wrong, or I’m not feeling myself, he is always there for me.

He may step on my feet from time to time, but he makes a great guard dog, even though he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

So although having a big dog as a small person can be challenging I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Owning A Dog Bigger Than Me
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