Randy and I’s wedding day was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

October 12, 2017, a Thursday autumn day in Savannah, Georgia I got to marry my best friend.

We both arrived at The Mackey House around 1pm to begin getting ready for the day we had spent the past 6 months planning

Our schedules for the day were booked with decisions to be made about our decorations, cake set up and photographs to be taken.

I began by sitting in a chair getting my hair and makeup done. It took 3 hours in total from the start of my hair, to creating my flower crown and getting my makeup done and set for a 4-hour celebration.

Once my hair and makeup were complete it was time to put my dress on so that we could get bridesmaids dresses done.

Randy and I decided not to do a first look, and the second my Dad walked me down the aisle I was so thankful we didn’t.

We spent so much time and attention to the details of our ceremony. But the second I saw it all come to life, all I could see was Randy and Benny waiting for me at the end of the isle.

I never thought I would be emotional, I thought I would just be happy, but I couldn’t help but let a tear or two fall as I walked down the aisle to become a married woman.

Randy and I decided that we wanted a small and quick ceremony. It lasted no more than 25 minutes, just the way we wanted it. Our pastor prepared a sweet but small sermon to give us advice and describe how special marriage is.

We recited the vows that we hand picked out together, we exchanged our wedding bands, then with a dipped kiss we shared our first kiss as a married couple.

I spent the four hours before worried and nervous about standing up and reciting vows, messing up my words, laughing or crying uncontrollably. But when I sit back and think about it, getting to stare into my now husband’s eyes were all that I saw.

Once our ceremony ended, we went right into pictures. Our goal was to not leave our guests for more than an hour before the reception officially started, and we more than accomplished that.

After spending 5 or 10 minutes just the two of us, we entered our reception. One thing I will always cherish is seeing all of our ideas and vision come to life with all the people we love in the middle of it.

You never see the final product until it is happening.

We were preserved our dinner, tacos, rice and bean salad and a salad bar, with endless margaritas and champagne.

We shared our first dance, and invited our friends and family to join in with us.

The maid of honor; my sister and best man said their speeches, leaving us speechless and feeling honored to have them both.

Then we cut our cake, and opened up the dessert table including gluten free cupcakes, raspberry filled, strawberry and spice cake and flaming donuts.

Before we knew it, we were dancing and it was now the last song of the night.

As we exited The Mackey House with sparklers and entered the Bentley we had rented to take us to our bed and breakfast for the night, we were in awe that the night was already over.

Our night was more special than we could have ever imagined. It was more perfect than I could have wished for. And a night that we will always remember.

Photographer: Madison Carter Photography

Venue: The Mackey House

DJ/Director: Jordon Bala | Top Shelf Entertainment

Caterer: Magnolia Grill

Cake: Savannah Rum Runners

Hair/Makeup: Jessica Bassett | Salon Aqua

Dress: Martina Liana