This past weekend Randy and I headed up to Ohio for an impromptu weekend. If you caught my post last week on the book Love Does, I mentioned a loss we had recently been going through.

I’ll just say, saying goodbye is never easy. Especially to an amazing person who taught you so much in such a short amount of time. If I learned anything from them, it was that you can’t be afraid to love people. Through the good times, but especially the bad. But also, you have to always remember that, that love lasts forever, even when that person is gone. They will always be there with you.

Although it was a tough weekend, we decided to make the best of it, starting with stopping by a few of our favorite places in Columbus.

We got up bright and early Saturday morning to head out to Short North and grab Tasi for breakfast. Tasi was a place Randy and I visited regularly in our early days of dating. It was the first time we made it back since we both moved from Columbus over 2 years ago.

I pulled up to the breakfast spot around 8am, and I will tell you if you are looking to get some personalized service and sit right down, check this place out early.

Randy got the huevos rancheros and I got the quinoa scramble. To be honest we didn’t enjoy breakfast at all. It had been so long that I forgot the breakfast potatoes were my favorite meal there. But there is always next time right.

After breakfast, we headed to One Line Coffee. This wasn’t a frequently visited place for us, but it was one of my favorite coffee shops in downtown. We both got Milligan’s, which was one shot espresso and one cortado. They made the cortado with maple syrup and it was so yummy, we can’t wait to make these at home. I also love the plant décor they have throughout the coffee shop.

Later in the day, on the way back to my parents’ house we stopped at my favorite bakery right by the college I went to, Cherbourg Bakery.

All their baked goods are dairy and gluten free, so if you are looking for a spot to grab a gluten free muffin, cupcake or donut this place it amazing. We got an assortment, but I think my favorite thing about Cherbourg is there gluten free donuts.

It was time to head out to Cincinnati after we got back to Newark to pick up Benny. On our way out to Randy’s parents’ house we stopped at a new place, Sharon Woods Park.

I had some fun taking photos of a couple friends, and exploring all the park had to offer. Not to mention Benny getting to play in the snow.

We hung out, taking photos and teaching our friends how to dip properly and then it was time to head back to Randy’s parents’ house for dinner, a movie and some sleep before the long drive back to Savannah.

It was one of those weekends that seem so great and terrible at the same time. Seeing family was something I will always cherish. Saying goodbye is never easy, but being able to have that closure and one last time to share memories with friends was something I will also always cherish.