Often times, I know myself when a year comes to an end I get a little disappointed. Maybe it is because I have high expectations of myself. Maybe due to high goals I have set for myself. But often times it is missing the little things that happened, the small goals I accomplished, the things that I may think right now don’t matter as much, but in the grand scheme of things they mean the world.

This past year was a long, tough, confusing but amazing year, that just shows me the person I am molding into. My main goal for 2016 was to move, I wanted to be with the person I loved, whether that meant a new apartment, new city, having to sacrifice some money or job benefits. My goal was to be where I wanted to be. And I accomplished that goal. I grew my relationship into something I never imagined I would find. I made something I thought was impossible in January happen and with somewhat of an ease of transition.

But when the end of 2016 came, I still didn’t feel satisfied. I still felt like something was missing. That is why reflecting is so important. It is hard to make every aspect of your life come together at once. From your personal life, your relationships, your career, it’s sometime’s important to take it one step at a time. Focus your efforts on what is most important at the time.

Last year was about happiness, security, and my environment. Now as 2017 comes, I start a new focus. A focus on purpose and satisfaction in where I see myself fitting in, in the world. This year is about me.