This muddy buddy cookie cake is the perfect mix of healthy and decadent wrapped in one. It’s your classic peanut butter cookie, made with all natural ingredients, but packs a crunch with bits and pieces of puppy chow. Just enough sweetness to make you go back for more. 

Cookie Cake

Some recipes you just come up with on a whim. Some of them you modify from something you come across. Other recipes are passed down to you through tradition. But others come from someone else. 

I have always had a passion for baking. Desserts were my thing. We used to have family parties at my house every so often. Well mainly because my family had a big screen tv, and cable, so it was kind of the perfect place to watch OSU football games. Although I do love the football season, the food was my favorite part.

Puppy Chow Cookie Slice

I loved coming up with new decadent desserts to make. From buckeye brownies to smores cookies creating these not so conventional desserts was my calling. Which is funny because I often didn’t eat them.

I love to create desserts that make others happy and swoon with joy, but as far as eating them myself the whole sugar rush and then crash was just not worth that happiness you got while eating the dessert. Around that time, was the time when I decided to start making my desserts healthier. 

Cookie Cake slice out

The problem with recreating desserts into healthier versions is, baking is not as easy without flour, butter and sugar. Finding a sweetener that my family can’t tell the difference was trial and error. Substituting flours can be quite a daunting task. And replacing fats like butter and crisco isn’t much easier.

Sometimes you fail, and sometimes you fail bad. But when you find success, it sure can turn your day around. And that is exactly what happened when I made this muddy buddy cookie cake.

Cookie Cake slice and whole

The base is just like a classic peanut butter cookie. I replaced the flour with almond flour. No butter needed, with some extra peanut butter. And sugar was replaced with nektar honey crystals. To take it up a notch I added in some crushed up muddy buddies, but also played around with adding crushed butterfingers and mini chocolate chips.

This muddy buddy cookie cake is the perfect sweet treat for anyone. So try it out, full your guests, and get on the healthy dessert making trend!

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