This mixed nut granola is packed full of nutrition. Combining sweet and salty nuts with naturally sweetened baked oats. The perfect addition to your fruit and yogurt in the morning.

Mixed Nut Granola

I think one of the best things you can offer someone as a gift is something homemade. You may call me old fashioned, because some of you would probably rather have something store bought, but hear me out for just a second. Store bought things are replaceable right… just for an example I received a Coach purse for a gift one year. Unfortunately the cat ruined the leather… but I just got a new. Store bought things are replaceable. But that note I received from my sister as a Christmas gift, letting me know how proud she was of me. I will never forget that. And I can never replace that.

When someone takes to the time to create something for you it gives a deeper value that something mass produced. Thanksgiving dinner your mom made, where she slaved over the store for two days… that created a memory. One that you will hold on to for now, and in the future.

Sweet & Salty Mixed Nut Granola

One of my favorites things to share with my loved ones is my recipes. Growing up I never had a passion for cooking, or good food really. We were a sports family, with two kids both in sports year around so we traveled A LOT. We stuck to food on the road. Grabbing Wendy’s after a late night game was a regular occurrence. It wasn’t until I went off to college that I started to find my love for creating food. My passion started with baking. Birthday cakes, christmas cookies, thanksgiving pies, and more I loved them all. 

Whether we want to admit it, food brings us some kind of happiness and togetherness that material things don’t. We group together foods for special times. Turkeys are at thanksgiving, Christmas cookies at Christmas, Birthday cakes at birthdays. Food creates part of our traditions. I loved seeing the joy on everyone’s face when they bite into my peanut butter blossoms on Christmas. 

Granola Sweet & Salty Blend

Throughout my years of cooking, I have feel in love with sharing this passion with others. It is a way I show my loved ones what they mean to me. And a way I show my appreciation for those around me.

My boyfriend Randy has a love for granola and yogurt. So every so often I like to take the time to make him something new, just because it’s one of the ways I show I love him and appreciate him. And that is where this mixed nut granola inspiration came from. 

Sweet & Salty Flavor combinatoin

I found some mixed nuts in the cupboard that might have been there longer than I anticipated, so after deciding to make him some granola for our recent ski trip I thought they would be the perfect addition to a new granola recipe inspired by him.

Packed with healthy fats, carbs, and some added protein from the nuts it was the perfect way to refuel after a day full of motion. This mixed nut granola is sweet and salty using emerald nut mixes to create the perfect crunchy, flavorful granola. The perfect combination for anyone.

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