I have been meal prepping ever since I was a Junior in college. Over the last five years I have gotten in a routine on how I do things. So today I wanted to share with you guys how I meal prep in less than two hours.

The same year in college that I moved off campus, without a meal plan was also the year that I decided to start being more conscious of what I put in my body. And for those of you who have been following me for awhile it is also the year that I started Bakes By Ranchcookie.

Meal prepping is not necessary to eat healthy, but it sure does make life easier. Cooking meals in small amounts can take up more time than you would think. Even something as making a bowl of oatmeal on the stove top everyday. Something that only takes 8-10 minutes a day can lead to 50 minutes a week.

I learned early that making food in bulk, not only makes it easier to just grab food quickly when you get hungry, but also takes away how tedious making single servings can be. For instance I made a pan of baked oatmeal for breakfast this week, it only took me about 10 minutes to prepare.

So in turn meal prepping can be a great way to save time and money!

So let’s begin with my Saturday morning grocery planning. This week I decided to make the following meals:

Link to The Best Shakshuka and Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal

And here is the grocery list for the store:

Here are my top tips for meal prepping in less than two hours:

  1. Pick recipes that use multiple cooking methods. For example I used the pressure cooker for the pulled brisket, stovetop for the shakshuka and the oven for the baked oatmeal. This way you can multitask on cooking the separate dishes.
  2. Time out the steps to making your recipes correctly. When something is in the oven you can leave it and set a timer, but that is not so true with the stovetop. I focus first on the oven and pressure cooker items, but as those bake I will work on my stovetop meals. But always start with chopping veggies or fruits first.
  3. Pick 2-3 main meals and no more than two breakfast dishes. Overcomplicating your weekly meals can be intimidating trying to cook them all in one day. Not to mention the amount of dishes you have do with the more recipes you make.
  4. Clean as you go. There is nothing worse than cooking for 2 hours then getting to a sink full of dishes. After I am done using a dish I will rinse and clean it out as I go. That way when I get done cooking all I have to do is let the food cool and cover it.
  5. Sealable cookware is worth the money. We got these as a wedding gift and it has been one of my favorite things. I love being able to just pop food in the oven and then have a lid to stick on top.

Hope you guys are able to take away some great tips and tricks for your meal prepping.

What tips do you have?