A couple weeks to go and it will officially mark a year that I have been living in Savannah.

Over the past year of living in Savannah I have had some great times and some not so great times here. Coming from the state of Ohio, where tourism doesn’t really exist anywhere, because who wants to go on a vacation to Ohio? I was a in a state of shock moving to the tourist city of Savannah.

I never thought the traffic was bad in Savannah from visiting for a weekend here or weekend there, but now after having an hour commute to work and back home everyday, well the traffic is real guys.

I can honestly admit, out of the cities I have lived in so far, Savannah is not my favorite, but I have been trying to look at the positives of living here and one of my favorite things about the city is the coffee shops.

Each Friday, my finance Randy and I have made it a tradition to visit a new coffee shop. Although lately with our wedding getting closer and Randy working more we haven’t followed through with this, but with at least 7 months of this we have found some of our favorites and some we don’t really plan to go back to.

I am one of those people who go through phases of loving coffee, but then loving my matcha. With a matcha obsession in full bloom, today I wanted to share with you my top 3 favorite coffee shops to get a matcha latte in Savannah Georgia.

My most recent favorite coffee shop in Savannah that offers matcha lattes is actually not even considered in Savannah. This coffee shop is called The Front Porch and is located just outside of Savannah in Pooler, Georgia.

The Front Porch

The Front Porch offers a variety of coffee specials that change quite frequently, regular coffee drinks, a variety of teas, matcha and you can get a variety of milks to go with your beverage of choice.

Although I really loved their hot matcha latte, the thing that made this coffee shop my recent favorite was the atmosphere you will find there.

The coffee shop is placed inside a southern house with a wrap around porch. The decor of the house has a modern feel, which homemade wooden signs that just make you feel at home. The wrap around porch is filled with tables and chairs perfect for knocking out some work or enjoying breakfast with a friend, but also couches and comfortable seating if you are just wanting to grab a drink and hang out.

Their matcha latte was one of my favorite because of how smooth it was. The balance of sweetness was perfect for my taste buds. And the barista is fast and friendly, enough to make any coffee shop a favorite.

Next up on my list is Foxy Loxy and their sister store, Henny Penny. These two sister coffee shops are not only owned by the same company, but also on the same block. They are both one of the more popular coffee shops in the city of Savannah.

Foxy Loxy was the first coffee shop in Savannah that I tried. They offer unique coffee drinks, like a horchata latte, and a mocha using chocolate from another well known chocolate shop, Chocolat.

A month or so ago they opened up Henny Penny, which is more geared towards kids. They have some pretty awesome and fun drinks for kids, like the unicorn hot chocolate.

What I love about stopping in Foxy Loxy is the location. I love getting my iced matcha latte from Henny Penny or Foxy Loxy because it is just a short walk to Forsyth Park, and the perfect evening stroll.

The final coffee shop, or rather breakfast spot that has matcha lattes is Collin’s Quarter. I love ordering both their iced or hot matcha latte, depending on the time of year it is. It always pairs perfectly with one of their Australian inspired brunch dishes.

You can find them right in the heart of downtown Savannah. I love stopping by while exploring downtown using their pick up coffee window or heading down with friends in town to grab some coffee and brunch, because you can’t go wrong with the fresh food selections they have.

So next time you are strolling through Savannah Georgia and have a matcha latte on your mind, check out the local coffee shops above and enjoy their delicious lattes, iced or hot.