Last week being National Eating Disorder Awareness week got me thinking (yes I know I am a week late but better late than never). As I was running last week I was watching the Today show and saw the beginning part of their segment on #loveyourselfie. For those of you who haven’t heard about it, it was a week long segment on the Today show about body image. From your face to your waist to your weight, they were going to cover it all! Well this week I want to follow their example and do the same! So all week long my post will cover a different issue of body image. This isn’t just for girls either. We all have body image issues whether we admit it or not. Yes guys don’t really feel pressured to wear makeup and girls don’t feel pressured to have big biceps but we all have something that we are not 100% confident about when it comes to our bodies.

So on Monday I want to start off with firstly, #nomakeupmonday just like the Today show! So here is my #nomakeupmonday selfie! I also will not be wearing makeup all Monday!

Gym TIme

I wanted to start with my insecurities, you know it is Monday and that is generally the easy part! So here ya go!

·      I have always been insecure about my height. I am terribly short and often can’t really find anyone who is shorter than me. I am the girl that is ALWAYS told “you are really short.” I mean come on like I didn’t know that, I am 21 years old now, I think I have heard that a time or two in my life 😛 . I always say I wish I was just a couple inches taller. But then again doesn’t everyone wish they were just average height.

·      Body type. I have always been able to build muscle pretty easily. I know most of you are probably going to be like, and that is a problem? Well it leaves me with an athletic body type, and hey that is not a bad thing, but an athletic body type along with a small petite frame it reminds me of a little boy! Sometimes I just wish I had a curvy body type, more feminine, you know!

·      Hair color. I don’t have dark brown hair, or blonde hair just plain brown. I have always hated this, I even tried dying it blonde and dark brown before. Maybe not necessarily something I am insecure about, but something I wouldn’t mind trading in.

·      Last but not least my thighs haha. I had to have a normal girl insecurity at some point! This might surprise you though, no I don’t want those skinny chicken legs with the thigh gap like most women. I want those fit girl legs. I want the defined quads, muscular legs I suppose. But I feel like no matter how hard I train, run, lift I just don’t seem to be making any progress! But hey maybe one day soon!

I could probably tell you a few other things about my body I wish I could change but hey I gotta give myself a break! The point is everyone has something they are insecure about, or just plain don’t like about their bodies. We are part of a society that strives for perfection, from the fashion shows, models, advertisements, and the use of photoshop we are taught that we have to have the perfect hair, eyes, teeth, butt, and more. If only we could all learn to love our imperfections 🙂

Did you participate in #nomakeupmonday ?


What are your insecurities? What do you wish you could change about your body?