Hey guys, I don’t usually share things about my faith with you. But yesterday reading through a friend’s message that inspired me I wanted to share my past, current and future story of my faith.


It wasn’t until I was a Junior in college that I think I really to trust in God. I had always gone to church growing up. I was baptized before I entered my teens. I always went to bible school and I was a part of Sparky’s until I hit middle school.
I always believed in God growing up, and I always seemed to follow a Christian moral. But as time went on, I grew up and lost my grasp on faith. I never reached that moment of trusting in him and wanting to grow my relationship with him as I began to understand the world more.
It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom (as much as a college student can hit) that I learned to lean on him. A break up and illness that strike my family brought me back to him.
Through experience and hard times I learned that God was always there for me. I had lived part of my life not following him, not expanding my relationship with him, and quite honestly just neglecting his beliefs all together.
Then one day everything changed. I went back to church. Maybe it was the catchy music, or maybe it was the community I saw in front of him, I’m not sure. But something made me want to keep coming back.
 I spent all summer growing my relationship with him. I spent the whole next year, traveling home on the weekends to go to the place that I first heard him talking to me. 
He got me through a break up, he got me through my dads sickness and he got me through one of the toughest years of my life so far. 
A lot has happened since that time. I graduated college, got my puppy Benny, met Randy, and moved to Georgia. 
 As I sit here today reflecting on the past, and thinking about the future I was reminded of one thing. The details don’t matter.
God has a plan for me. He has a bigger picture for me out there. He has a path he has designed for me to follow. 
little talk about faith
And I can’t get there, I can’t do it without him. I have to be patient and trust him. I have to listen to him and see the signs he is sending me. I have to let go and trust in him. 
Because when it comes to goal setting and a vision for my life, he is the center of it. I have to listen to the plan he has for me, rather than the plan I have for myself. In God anything is possible. So don’t give up, just trust in him.