Lately can I just tell you how horrible I have been eating. From chocolate every night to random gorges in the peanut butter jar, to just stuffing my face after dinner, for my “snack.” And can I just tell you how horrible my stomach has been reacting. For example I am just one of those people where tortilla chips just don’t sit well. I end up with stomach pains so bad I just don’t even want to sit up straight. Yet night after night I have been eating handfuls. After having a smoothie before a yoga class and my body reacting the same I realized that it is time to change, and get away from the holiday eating mentality. As great as holiday eating goes, and how we tend to just let ourselves go and eat cookies and chocolate every night it is clearly just plain bad for our bodies in the long run.

treat yourself tuesday

So I decided to come up with a plan for myself! I have always done meal prep but not necessarily for my week essentials. So I am going to starting with this week meal planning not only my breakfast and remaining work food, but also my dinner and snacks when I get home. Yea, yea being able to just go home and think I want popcorn and chocolate is great and all but sometimes giving your body everything it wants is not always going to work. I mean who wouldn’t want a piece of cake if it was sitting in front of you. But do you really need it all the time? So with that said I am treating myself to healthy meals that I prepped on Sunday all week, and can I just say how excited I am! I also purchased some more Herbalife products this weekend (this stuff is working wonders for my digestive health can I just say!). So for Treat Yourself Tuesday I wanted to share my meal plan with you!

Breakfast: Herbalife Pumpkin Spice Healthy Meal Shakes, these babies are so good and after having them for my breakfast every morning for a month I crave these in the morning. I have two scoops of pumpkin shake mix and one scoop of protein, sometimes two depending on my workouts and how much protein I need!

Snack Number One: Corn Tortilla, Egg Whites, Two Tablespoons Hummus, I love to heat this up in the microwave, and I have to say it is just perfect for a mid-morning snack!

Lunch: Kale/Pepper Salad, Tuna mixed with Spices, and Rice Cake with Salsa, Oh my goodness can we just talk about salsa! I am in love with this stuff, although I use the packaged it is still a great flavor option that is great calorie wise! And it helps control my cravings for chips and salsa.

Snack Number Two: Herbalife Protein Drink Mix in Mango and Strawberries. I have two containers of Strawberries this week and well they are just delicious and need to be eaten!

Snack Number Three: Herbalife Pumpkin Shake Number Two: Because I can’t get enough of pumpkin spice smoothies!

Dinner: Turkey meatballs, Homemade Spaghetti Sauce, and Spaghetti Squash.  One of my favorite meals, so simple and delicious!

Snack Number Four: Two rice cakes with a heaping (and I mean heaping) serving of Peanut Butter. Because you have to have some peanut butter every day!

So here is to treating yourself right and fueling your body with some healthy fats, proteins, and carbs! And stay tuned for pictures tomorrow!