I took a long break from the blog over and over again since September of last year. It all started with some bad luck. It was the week of my birthday, and my parents were set to fly in that weekend.

On Saturday we were supposed to be off to Savannah with Benny to spend my birthday there with Randy. What actually happened was a hospital visit, that turned into a month stay for one of my family members.

My birthday involved a visit to Bluffton, South Carolina for a job interview and dinner with Randy. Next thing I knew I was moving to Savannah.

The next month was a hard and long one, spent working from the hospital with time to come home walk Benny and head to bed.

In October everything changed. I moved to Savannah and started a new job. Just as I was starting to get a schedule the hurricane rolled in and forced us to visit home. It was the best 5 days of the year getting to be in Ohio with my family and spend time in both Columbus and Cincinnati.


The next couple months were long as the holidays rolled around. The idea of finally starting to start my donut business on the side was in sight, and the planning began in January.

The next two months were insignificant, besides Randy and I celebrating our 2-year dating anniversary.

March rolled around and everything started to change. These last two and a half months have been a whirlwind. Beginning with Randy and I’s engagement in March (my proposal post went missing so a new one will be up soon!). We got engaged on March 10th in Asheville, North Carolina on top of Looking Glass Rock, with Benny in tow.

That weekend I wish I could live forever. It was cold and cozy. It was exciting but yet relaxing. It was just what I needed at the time.

But the weekend ended and Monday rolled around and reality set in. The following week my parents came to visit. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and explored Savannah the rest of the week.

As the weekend came, a big moment in my life happened, we finally got approved to sell donuts at the farmer’s market.

We took our time trying to figure out the tax and business documents and by the middle of April we went to our first market, dysfunctional but selling out.

Through our market time, Randy and I adopted a dog. Surprise! I haven’t told you guys about Riley yet, he is one-and-a-half-year-old golden mix. We saw him at an adoption event at the pet store.

By: paigelaurel.com

Life sure wasn’t easy after getting Riley. We went through one of the toughest weeks, dealing with dog diarrhea brought on by worms. Bathroom trips through the night, resulting in a lack of sleep. There will a post all about Riley and his adoption soon!

But here we are May 10th. Our wedding planning is going well, with the cake ordered, hair and makeup scheduled, DJ/Director booked, catering tasting set and dress shopping this weekend.

Our business is slowly becoming known at least out here on the islands.

Riley is healthy (expect for an ear infection) and Benny is loving his play buddy.

And although Randy and I are tired and often exhausted from working 60-65 hours a week with our jobs and the donut business, we are sitting on the couch enjoying some music blogging and doing school work.

I think I am truly started to appreciate the little things in life like a cup of tea and writing.