October 12, 2017 was one of the best days of my life. It was the day I married my husband. All of our good friends and family joined together to celebrate our families becoming one.

Husband & Wife Devotional

I remember it like it was yesterday, getting to the wedding venue nervous as can be that I would mess up my vows or stumble as I walked down the aisle.

Next thing I knew the night was ending and we were heading to our hotel for the night. I couldn’t believe how fast it went, but I couldn’t help but be happy that we were finally married.

It is funny how you take months to plan a day that goes by so fast. After looking through our wedding photos though all the details and memories flood through my mind. A day I will never forget.

But life goes on, and we have found ourselves married for four short months now. Life hasn’t been easy these first couple months of marriage though. Through family illness and the loss of a friend, focusing on my relationship with my husband each night before bed was more monumental than I could have imagined.

The one gift I insisted on getting us for our wedding was a husband and wife devotional. I came across The Unveiled Wife one day and just had to buy her Wife after God and Husband after God devotional.

Today I wanted to share the top 5 things my husband and I learned from Husband and wife devotional.

  1. Patience: It takes time for growth to take place, together and on our own. Just because you decide that you need to work on something together or on your own doesn’t mean that you will get it perfect right away. You need to have not only patience in your spouse but also yourself, because changing and growing is meant to be a journey.
  2. Thinking in the sense of “Two Flesh Become One”: Marriage is about working together with your partner for the better of both of you. When it comes to decisions, not matter how big or small opening up to your spouse about it, or consulting in them can only make you grow closer together.
  3. Love is a gift from God, so use it right: One of the best gift’s God gave us is the ability to love. Marriage is a symbol of that gift. So next time you get mad at your spouse over something petty, remember that love trumps all.
  4. Remember the basics: You don’t have to go above and beyond for your spouse, the little things end up adding up to big things. Like coming home and doing the dishes for your spouse, or walking the dog before they get home from work. Those little things mean more than you think.
  5. Everyone needs encouragement: Praying for your spouse for strength and encouragement to live a life for God is empowering. No matter how strong your spouse may seem, we all need God’s strength. And we all need a little help sometimes.