Looking for a breakfast dish for everyone, this hash brown crusted quiche is the perfect substitute, containing no gluten filled crust and milk. With added egg whites to bump up the protein and chicken sausage to bump up the flavor this is the perfect all in one dish. With a hash brown crust you get your breakfast fixings in one. Try this hash brown quiche at your next breakfast or brunch and be sure to impress all your guests.  

Over the past couple years I have grown quite fond of eggs. They are so versatile! Full of protein and healthy fats. They can be eaten whole or just the whites. You can whisk them up to make them scrambled. Boil them to make hard boiled. Cook them on the outside but not the inside to make sunny side up.  You use them to bake cakes, cookies, and bread. I could go on but I’ll save you the time and leave it that they are amazing.

Potato Quiche

With Easter coming up, the egg decorating holiday I couldn’t help myself with coming up with an egg inspired dish.  Still in whole 30 mode I wanted to create a compliant whole 30 baked egg dish. I considered going for a crust less quiche at first. But in all honesty potatoes are life. 

Piece of Quiche

And so the hash brown crusted quiche was born. This quiche is full of flavor, with added seasonings and chicken sausage.

Side Quiche

I mixed egg whites and whole eggs to make the base, then added chicken sausage and spinach to the mix. Seasoning is totally up to you but I ALWAYS season my eggs with salt, pepper and garlic powder. 

Side View of Quiche

Bake on 350 F and you have yourself breakfast for 5 or 6 people. I know I’m not the only that loves easy recipes. 

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