Happy Friday, everyone! My name is Alex Berger and I am a freelance writer and travel + lifestyle blogger at The Berger Bungalow. My website focuses on travel and culinary adventures with my husband, but you can also find some normal life posts in there, as well, because I think a healthy balance is key. Thank you so much to Hilary for allowing me to guest post here today – I really appreciate it!

From jumping 20 feet down into a “blue hole” mineral spring, to hiking the gorgeous Italian Riviera Coastline, my travels have always been amazing and different. But, there is one thing that is a common factor in all of my travels, no matter big or small. By the end of my time in a city, I am always pretty tired and worn down from being in the mindset of “Go, Go, Go!” My body has to fight to keep my energy levels up and if I am not in tip top health, I will usually get sick. So, over the years, I have learned that staying on top of my health is the only way that I can avoid getting sick (most of the time). I know a lot of people have health goals in 2018, so in order to help you all out, I wanted to write about ways that I stay on top of my health, in hopes of helping all of you reach your own health goals! Here are my best tips:

Follow The 80/20 Rule

Following the 80/20 rule is hard – I feel like I constantly want treats like chocolate, cookies, and pie, but one thing that the 80/20 rule does allow me to do is eat whatever I want when I am traveling, or if I am just going out with friends for a night. But, for me, the 80/20 rule isn’t just about watching what I eat. It is also about eating the right things that I need in order for my body to function properly. I try my best to eat tons of fresh produce, lean meat, and limit my sugar (although it’s so hard!). When I eat healthy, I find that I get sick less frequently. During cold and flu season, I swear by green smoothies – I’m telling you, they will save your noses from getting sniffly! 😉

Get Your Blood Pumping

If you are on vacation, you can still work out! Walk around the city, rent a bike to get around, use your hotel gym, or go hiking. There are ways! When you have a day off from work, I know you just want to sleep in more than anything or lounge on the couch all afternoon, but take at least thirty minutes out of your day to get some movement in – even if that means you are just going on a walk. Anything to get your blood flowing and help you reach your health goals this year. I know so many people have fitness goals on their list too and the only way you will get there is by putting in some effort. You can do this!

Take Care of Your Teeth

Make sure you are taking good care of your teeth and mouth by brushing and flossing regularly and also going to your dentist every six months. One of the top reasons to go get your teeth looked at and cleaned by a dentist and dental hygienist is so they can spot problems, like cavities, gum diseases, and enamel decay in their first stages. Catching the problems at the beginning stages is ideal so that you do not run into pain, or other health issues from prolonged dental problems. Even if you think your teeth are perfect, you still don’t know what might happen. For example, a year ago, I was roofied and I ended up falling and hitting my head pretty hard on pavers. Thankfully, my husband was there to help me, but I did end up walking away with a damaged tooth that died and I ended up needing a root canal, which can be a very scary experience. I was looking for an experienced dentist that knew what he or she was doing, someone that was caring, and someone that also had great reviews. All of that was very important to me. While researching, I came across Dr. Simms with Metro Decatur Dental Group PC. I looked on his website and the first thing I read was a review that said: “Dr Simms is very gentle and honestly cares about the well being of his patients.” Then, I read that he has a calm, caring demeanor and is known for his ability to help produce fantastic results for his clients. I was sold. Make sure you are taking care of your teeth regularly and if you have an issue, don’t be scared to get it checked out – it’s for the best and someone will help you step by step!

Stay Hydrated

Did you know that an adult body is made up of 60% water? Your organs cannot function properly without H2O, so make sure to get enough of it each day, even if it’s hard. I know I’m not the only person out there that struggles with this. Honestly, water is the last thing that I go for in a stocked fridge. I’m more of a sweet tea or lemonade person. Is anyone with me?! Thankfully, there are ways to get H2O into your body without just drinking boring water. Some of my favorite ways to mix it up is by choosing sparkling water over still, by adding fruit into my water, or by eating food that has high water content (like cucumbers and watermelon!). No matter if you eat your weight in cucumbers, or drink 8+ glasses of water a day, you will feel much better if you do get it all in your body.

Keep The Germs Away

This is a struggle no matter who you are or what you are doing, especially during this flu season that we are in – I feel like everyone has been sick and has not been able to avoid it. I wash my hands constantly and I still ended up getting it because unfortunately, you cannot prevent everything, but you can try to keep the germs away as much as possible. Eating healthy, drinking a lot of water, exercising, and taking care of your teeth will help you keep the germs away, but you also need to do other things like taking vitamins and washing your hands frequently.