This past week has been a long and rough one. Being sick is no fun, but sometimes I think it is disguised as a blessing.

Over the past 9 days I have been battling the worst summer cold I have had to date.

It all started two weekends ago on Thursday. I was sitting at work with the start of an awful sore throat.

I began downing hot tea, until around lunchtime, I decided it was time to head home for the day.

Luckily Friday I was already working from home, but woke up to no voice.

I had quite the list of errands to run on Friday unfortunately as well, so not much resting happened.

Saturday I started to feel a little weak. I got up though, worked out like normal, and then it hit me.

I was exhausted, didn’t want to get off the couch, so the couch was where I stayed most of the day.

Randy and I did have plans on Saturday night though. The weekend before we headed out to Big Bon Pop Up Shop at The Smith Brothers Butcher to try out their gluten free crust. Unfortunately they had just ran out, so we tried the cauliflower crust instead.

We loved it, but still wanted to try the gluten free crust. Big Bon Pizza Pop Up has such an awesome customer service that they offered us to try out their pizza on them.

Matcha Latte From Pooler Georgia Coffee Shop

So Saturday we planned to go out to The Front Porch, which we had been wanting to check out for awhile anyways and grab a gluten free pizza.

We got there around 4pm, but the Pop Up wasn’t going to start until 5:30. I got such a bad sinus headache we spent at least 3o minutes in the car. But after some medicine kicked in we went into The Front Porch and each ordered a drink of course.

The Front Porch

One of two places in Savannah, that I know of, they had matcha lattes. I ordered a hot matcha latte and Randy ordered an iced specialty drink they had.

It had to of been one of the best matcha lattes I’ve had in a long time. I can’t wait to come back in for more.

Around 5:30 we placed our order. The first time we got the Margarita pizza, but this time we got the Big Bon Original. It had Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Fresh Mozzarella and a red sauce. I am not usually a meat on pizza person, but with all the meats being from a locally sourced farm I was excited to try it.

Gluten Free Pizza In Savannah

We loved the wood fired gluten free crust. The red sauce paired so well with the mozzarella and the meats. But I think my favorite part of the meal was it wasn’t your typical pizza.

Big Bon Pizza Pop Up Savannah, Georgia

It had just the right amount of cheese and meat to satisfy, without adding a layer of grease to it. The crust was fluffy and the crust was soft.

You don’t get that everyday with gluten free pizza. It reminded us so much of a favorite from back home, Harvest Pizza in Columbus. And we are so happy to have finally found some good gluten free pizza in Savannah.

Afterwards we headed to the outlet malls to look for a shirt for Randy for a photo session coming up. By the time we made it home I was exhausted.

That was how the rest of the weekend went for us.