Friday is here! And what a better way to start the day than sharing some of my favorites from the week!

  • This picture… No words needed.  
  • Baked oatmeal: Sorry I don’t have a picture but I tried out pumpkin baked oatmeal this week to make life easier and not making oatmeal every morning and guys it was so good! I poured a little almond milk in the bottom to make it like a bread pudding almost then topped it with peanut butter, so good! I am planning on sharing the recipe soon! 
  • Christmas music. I mentioned before that with holiday season it’s so hard to be at work 40 hours a week… But listening to Christmas Spotify playlists has made the days go by faster! My favorite right now is actually just the Michael Buble Christmas album! 
  • This guy: I’m not sure how but he hasn’t made it in my favorites before, but I am blessed to have him in my life! Spending Thanksgiving with him and his family was such a good time and I can’t wait to head back over to Savannah to get to explore more! But this weekend I am excited to show him a little of Atlanta… Finally 🙂 !  
  • Running: I kind of took a very long break from running after my marathon. I would say I am one of those people that kind of get bored doing the same workout day in and day out, but over the holiday break I did a 3 mile run with Ben and it made me miss it! Looks like there will be plans of a half marathon in the future!   

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