Is it just me or did it take an unusual amount of time for this Friday to come? From a busy work week to having to get a tire on my checked out to heading back to the gym after a month long break doing workouts at home this week has officially wiped me out.
This weekend I am looking forward to getting to spend a relaxing time with Randy. He is headed down this afternoon and we have pizza on the menu and some Rev Coffee time, because when you have work to do on the side and computers are involved, a coffee shop just makes sense. 
Other than Rev Coffee time and pizza we have a morningish hike planned at Kennesaw Mountain, with the one and only Benny, and the rest of Saturday we have deemed a movie marathon day. Temperatures have been out of control in Georgia lately, so staying inside and enjoying the AC has been a given the last couple weekends.

I don’t usually post on Friday’s anymore. Life just gets crazy and being able to share with you guys twice a week is a blessing, but this particular Friday I just had so many recent favorites I couldn’t help but share them with you. 

Balanced Bites Podcast: If you guys haven’t checked out this podcast and you are into nutrition, paleo lifestyle or just health in general you need to check this out. Liz Wolfe and Diane Sanfilippo pair together each week, straight from their website to give advice to support you in making healthy choices for your body, mind, and spirit. It’s our goal to make these choices easier for you with the information and materials we create.
They lean towards paleo eating, but what I love about them is they think it is important for you to be real and realistic. If you love cheese and cheese doesn’t bother you, then eat it! They also both wrote books, Practical Paleo and Eat The Yolks.
New Girl: I have almost caught with these season so many times, but for some reason something crazy happens and stops me, then I forget all about what I just watched. But not this time! I started watching New Girl on Netflix a couple weeks ago and am currently on Season 3. I love, love, love this show! It is a good right before bed show, with it being only around 20 minutes. I also just love how funny it is, Schmidt is for sure my favorite character. Anyone else watch New Girl?
Lettuce Wraps: Guys life has been busy. And when life gets busy meal prepping takes a back seat, and that is why I have been enjoying lettuce wraps so much lately. If you missed my post Wednesday, check it out to get the recipe for my Italian Lettuce Wrapped Sub.
Italian Lettuce Wrapped Sub
Mighty Leaf Matcha Tea: I used to be an avid coffee drinker. I would have at least once cup a day, sometimes two. I used to drink it before I even had my breakfast, but something changed and now I am an all tea kind of girl. Matcha is my new love, and my replacement for coffee. I absolutely love the stuff, that I have replaced this with my morning coffee. I used Simply Quinoa youtube to make delicious matcha lattes. You can find her method on a lot of the what I eat in a day videos.
Matcha Green Tea Latte
Celestial Seasoning Decaf Green Tea: And the tea love goes on. I love to incorporate at least a cup or two of green tea through out the day and lately I have been turning to decaf tea in an effort to minimize my caffeine intake. I love this tea, lightly sweetened with a lemon slice.
No Bake Desserts: I have been loving making no bake desserts lately. Something that is single sized and you just pop in the fridge or freezer. I loved the sunbutter cups and can’t wait to share my newest recipe coconut filled cups with you guys next week. If you want more no bake recipes please sign up for my new no bake recipe ebook that you can sign up for through the pop up on my site! 
Free No Bake ebook
I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and these friday favorites provide some inspiration for you. And as always be sure to check out other Friday favorites over at Life in Leggings.