Good morning. I hope you have all been having a wonderful week. I know we are all thinking the same thing, TGIF! I have been so excited for this weekend to come for awhile now. Remember back in January during that epic snow storm? Well Randy and I’s ski trip got cut short because of it so we are headed back up to Blowing Rock, NC this weekend to ski during the last weekend of the season. So I am sitting at home today working from home until 2 or 3 then off to NC I go!

I am headed back tomorrow and will spend Sunday with my boy Benny. We are keeping it low key this year for Easter, just heading to church then doing my usual Sunday grocery shopping and meal prepping. The good thing is I won’t be over loading myself with chocolate! But I will recap you guys on Monday for now here are some of my favorites for the week. Linking up with Heather for Friday Favorites, check out everyone’s favorites here!

  • Benny Boo: He has made my favorites multiple times, but this week in honor of National Puppy Day and with the poor guy being diagnosed with an ear infection and bad allergies he had a rough week. I think that in a sense having animals prepares you for kids, and if this is any indication on actions we will have with our kids I am going to be one crazy paranoid Mom. The guy woke up with a crusty, goopy eye, and I immediately decided to work from home and get him a vet appointment that day.


  • Paleo TreatsI recently wrote an article for the Paleo Treats blog and in return they sent me a mug, samples of their yummy treats, a mug and a t shirt. I was so excited to get the treats I had to take a bite of each bar to try it out! The Mustang Bar is by far my favorite, but the Brownie Bomb makes a close second. These bars are all paleo and contain quality ingredients like coconut flakes, almond butter, and coconut oil. And an awesome t-shirt! I’ll do a more in dept review of these things later but for now I leave you with the mug they sent! 


  • Smoothie Bowls: Yes I am officially on the smoothie train. I have been loving smoothies filled with protein powder, frozen fruit, cashew milk and then topped with bananas, cereal, and sprinkled with cinnamon. I have become so obsessed them I had two in one day on Tuesday and you better bet that is what is for breakfast.


  • Muddy Buddy Cookie Cake: I posted this recipe on Wednesday, if you missed it check it out here… but this cookie cake I am obsessed with. I made a butterfinger variation this week, and I am already thinking of the many other variations I can make in the future! But I guess when you love peanut butter as much as I do you tend to fall in love with recipes like this.


  • Celestial Seasonings Dirty ChaiWhen you run out of coffee and you are too lazy to make it to the store this dirty chai is the next best thing and that is exactly what I have been drinking in the morning this week. This chai blend is mixed with espresso and with a little almond milk it is quite delicious!

And that is about all I have for you this week! Have a great weekend and come back Monday for the weekend recap!