It was one of those weeks, where Sunday night I was already waiting for Friday to come. I guess that’s what we called drained out. Luckily at the end of the month I have a couple days off as my parents are coming in town to visit. 

This weekend is also going to be quite great because Randy is coming down to visit. Rarely do we see each other two weekends in a row… But this month just must be special! We don’t really have any set in stone plans besides a workout of some sort on Saturday and pizza Saturday night. But hopefully we will get around to look at some potential areas in Atlanta that I am hoping to move to this summer. And I can’t forget about stopping by Rev Fest for a little to check out all the fun vendors. But let me get to the Friday favorites.

  • Avocado Toast: It took me quite awhile to get there with this trend, but the craving is real and it is often! I have been loving avocado toast, sprinkled with some sea salt and chili powder. If you haven’t tried it get on it! 


  • Kara Corey Fit Life YouTube ChannelI have to admit I kind of love watching youtube videos. I think they can be inspiring and really show you someone else perspective. I recently watched Kara’s journey through her bikini competition and I have to say this girl has focus, determination and heart. Watching her last two weeks before her competition, going to work day in and day out, working out twice a day, dealing with a sick dog, and she never missed a workout or messed up a day of eating. I was truly inspired by her, go check it out if you need some motivation!
  • Baked Oatmeal: I think baked oatmeal is so much better than regular oatmeal. I love to make a dish of baked oatmeal up for the week so I can just cut it into pieces and have breakfast for the week. I have been especially loving this recipe.


  • Balanced bites podcast: If you are looking for some reasons why you should go paleo or just want to dive into nutrition topics and think more, check out this podcast. It is hosted by Diane and Liz and I think they have the perfect balance of knowledge, balanced lifestyles, fitness and just living the healthiest life possible. I love listening to them during car rides.
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oil, Chill Pill Spray: I have been using this spray at night and in the car, and I think it really does create a calm sense. Dealing with traffic sometimes can be daunting so adding some lavender blended oils to keep relaxed might be a great option for you. And after long days unwinding and stopping your brain is not always easy but adding the calming scents have been helping me relax and unwind for a good nights sleep. 

And that is all I have for ya this Friday. Hope you all have a great weekend. Linking up with Heather for Friday favorites as well.