As the weather gets warmer the weeks get longer. But we have almost made it to the weekend and I could not be more excited to spend the weekend in Savannah. 

Randy and I have plans to run a 5k on Saturday morning and then we are going to check out some neighborhoods in Savannah, so basically go on a very long and scenic walk! I am beyond excited to see him and get out of the city for a couple days.

But before I jet out I want to share my Friday favorites with you! Linking up with Heather Friday favorites today! 

  • Paleo treats: I got the opportunity to try out some Paleo Treats in exchange for sharing my journey through my Whole 30 this past month, and guys their treats are so good! They are obviously paleo friendly, using ingredients like almond flour, coconut, dates, cacao nibs, and honey, these sweet treats are in my opinion way better than the real thing! If you love a rich and deep dark chocolate you will love the Bandito, coconut lovers the Mac Attack is for you, if you are into chocolate covered nuts then cacao now is your treat, and my new personal favorites were the brownie bomb (self explanatory) and the mustang bar which I think is more for a vanilla versus chocolate person.
  • Arctic Zero Snickerdoodle Dandy: Not sure how many of you guys are arctic zero fans, but when I am craving ice cream I know that this a good option for me. I like to eat ice cream in bulk! But who doesn’t but with a slight dairy problem well that is kind of not such a good idea if I have plans for later. Arctic Zero is lactose free, and although the whey protein involved gets to me sometimes it is totally worth having a bowl of it. The calories are low, and their new flavors are delicious, the snickerdoodle dandy is my current favorite, it tastes exactly like a snickerdoodle cookie but in ice cream form! 
  • Dry shampoo: I am still testing out some different brands but not having to wash or do my hair two or three days a week is wonderful! Why am I just now using this stuff! 
  • Blissful Bites Podcast: I reached out to Nicole for some advice and she introduced me to her podcast. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, or just feel stuck in your current situation this is the perfect place to start! Her podcast features women entrepreneurs in the food industry, where she interviews them asking them to share the good, bad, ugly and amazing parts of their journey. I have found it to be so inspirational, and it is definietly getting me out of my comfort zone and contacting some of these women myself.
  • Charlene Johnson’s 30 Day Push: This was also recommended by Nicole, so I thought I would check it out. This 30 Day Push is 100% free of charge. During the 30 days you receive an email with a video to watch each day… making you think about your life, where you are, where you want to go, and pushing you to take the changes necessary to get there. I am only a couple days in, but can’t wait to see how it changes my perspective on my life and how to reach my goals.

Sorry for the lack of pictures today but with a busy week, appointments and packing for the weekend in Savannah time got away from me, but hope you all have a great weekend and see ya on Monday!